• How to throw the ball?

    Ball games are amazingly interesting! In childhood, everyone plays bouncers, pioneer ball, then begin on physical education, at school, the first lessons in volleyball and basketball. But the game of bowling youth learns to play on their own. Anyone who wants to master all these games, it will be interesting to learn how to throw the ball, whether there are common features in all games with the ball.

    General rules

    Of course, the general rules for throwing the ball are there, and they are quite simple. Before learning how to throw the ball correctly, it is necessary to clearly imagine what path it should fly. Mentally imagine the place where you throw the ball. From yourself to this place draw the line on which the ball will fly. To the middle of the distance the ball will fly at an angle of 45 degrees up, and then, at the same angle, down. If you make a round of the upper middle corner, this will be the trajectory of the ball. Throwing the ball, send it exactly along this path - upward at an angle of 45 degrees and as far as possible in length.

    If you just throw the ball to a partner in the game, then throw with two hands. Press your elbows to the ribs, throw the ball from the chest. We move it a little in a circle from ourselves, and launch it along the intended trajectory. Posted this way, the ball flies as far as possible.A basketball game, pioneer ball, and partly volleyball is based on this roll. In the game, the jump is most often added to the throw, it gives the ball greater speed and a more accurate trajectory.

    Basketball shots

    To tell how to throw the ball in basketball is very difficult, because there are several methods for throwing in this game. We have already described one of them. The second is a one-handed jump in the jump, passing the ball to the partner in the game.

    First try to do it standing up with two legs. The ball lies in the palm of the right hand, slightly supported by the left hand from the opposite side from the bottom. Now we make a throw with the right hand, and if we draw the movements of both hands, we will get a semicircle - the right hand goes up forward, the left one draws a line to itself and tangentially slightly up. It turns out that we twist it, throwing forward and up. The main push of the ball is performed with the right hand and forearm. The thrust force depends on the distance of the target and its height. Add to the throw the force of the jump, it will turn out even stronger and more accurate.

    Throw in the basket can be performed not only from the chest, but also from the head. We hold the ball with two hands above the head, without spreading the elbows to the sides, throwing forward and upward, projecting the flight line into a small square of the board near the basket. Starting from this square, the ball will fly into the basket.This is a roll from the line of the circle.

    But we must remember one rule - to learn how to throw the ball can only be in constant training, the more you try to perform various throws, the faster you can master this art.

    Throw ball in bowling

    The story of how to learn to throw the ball in bowling, let's start by picking the ball by hand, and not only by the size of the holes, but also by weight. A ball that is too light will fly with unpredictable turns, and it will be very difficult for you to throw a hard one. You must choose an average by weight, and start training. During the run you take four or five steps, as you like. But most often used four-step throw.

    We start with a step with the right foot, at the second step we start the swing of the ball. It is necessary to ensure that the hand goes smoothly, without turning the ball, just do not unfold the shoulder. In the last step, the left leg slides wide forward, the body leans forward behind the leg, the hand also moves forward and forces the ball in the middle of the track. The run helps to gain the ball great speed.

    If you do not have great physical strength, then your ball, just aimed in the middle, will only knock down the middle pins, with a strong throw you will have a strike. But in order to bring down the remaining pins, it is necessary to do just a weak throw.Do not step over the line and do not look at the ball! We must aim at the middle of the seven arrows on the track, it is located exactly in the middle, which is what we need.

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