• How to tie a scarf in Muslim?

    A scarf tied at the head is a fashionable and stylish solution. And it protects the hair from dust and sun. For what purpose you would not wear it, it will set you apart from the crowd and will attract the attention of passersby. But if in Europe women adorn themselves with a scarf, in Muslim countries women cover their heads with hijab. Many would like to know how to tie a scarf in a Muslim way. There are many ways of tying a headscarf in Muslim, we will consider the most common ones.

    How to tie a handkerchief in a Muslim way so that he would hold onto his hair for a long time? It is very important to use a special cap - boni. It is worn as a narrow bandage and completely covers the hair. Hijab, tied on top, will not slip, lose shape and beauty. Instead of a special cap, you can use a scarf or a scarf made of natural fabric. For fastening of scarves use pins or English needles.

    Ways to tie a scarf in Muslim

    There are many ways and options to tie a Muslim handkerchief in different ways. In this article we will look at a couple of the most basic ways to tie a scarf.

    Method number 1

    Consider the first basic way how to tie a scarf in a Muslim way. For this method is suitable rectangular scarf.

    1. Position the narrow side of the rectangular scarf in the center of the head so that it slightly covers the forehead. After that, place the corners of the scarf back behind each other and secure with a pin. The narrow side of the shawl should hold onto your head, and hang loosely at the back.
    2. Now take one long side of the shawl that hangs down from behind and pin it. Throw the other long side of the scarf forward, cover it with the neck and fasten it with a pin on the side of the opposite shoulder.
    3. The fabric that remains hanging can be wrapped around the neck and fastened on one side of the head. Loose fabric will hang over one shoulder.

    Method number 2

    Consider the second way how to tie a scarf in a Muslim way. For this method, you need to use a triangular scarf, but a rectangular or square scarf is also suitable. This method consists in the fact that one part of the scarf is stretched, while the other is at the same time twisted.

    1. If the scarf slides, first put on the bony or tie the bottom scarf. If the scarf is non-slip, this is not necessary. Square scarf must be folded in half diagonally to the triangle. First of all, you need to arrange a scarf in the form of a triangle exactly on the head, so that on each side exactly one long corner of the scarf hangs.
    2. Hold both sides of your handkerchief with your thumb and forefinger, and press them to your cheekbones. Twisting one end of the shawl slightly, pull it forward.
    3. While holding the handkerchief, lower your fingers under the ear and pull on the end of the handkerchief.
    4. Use your left hand to hold one twisted end of the shawl under your chin, and with your right wrap a shawl around your neck.
    5. Wrap a scarf around your head with your right hand, and then refill it or pin it with a pin or brooch. The left side of the scarf will hang freely.

    These are the main ways of tying rectangular and triangular scarves in a Muslim way. However, there are much more ways of tying.

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