• How to tie a yoke?

    Knitwear is becoming more and more popular every year, and fashion for large knitting has recently won even America and Europe. The larger the mating, the more stylish and original it looks. If only recently knitted things were the personification of home comfort, then today's fashion has made its own adjustments. One has only to open any fashionable catalog or enter any store, and you will immediately notice that knitwear occupies a leading position. And this season knitwear is at the peak of its popularity. One of the main positions on the right is a scarf-yoke. Very original detail of the wardrobe, which can be worn with jackets, coats, and even as a supplement to the evening along (if you tie it out of thin mohair). Therefore, let's see how to tie the collar, so fashionable this season.

    The scarf-collar begins its history in medieval France. Then its dimensions were more modest, and used it as a lining, giving volume to the hair. In the 21st century, the functional purpose and appearance of the yarn scarf have changed. Now it is a scarf and a hat in one.

    How to tie a scarf-collar

    It is not difficult to tie a scarf-collar with knitting needles and it is possible both for beginning masters and professionals. If you take only the first steps in knitting, then it will be easier for you to knit the collar with knitting needles, large, viscous and without patterns. This will look spectacular and will not require any special skills. If you are confident in your abilities, then for you a scarf-collar with “spit” patterns.

    To tie a scarf-collar with a "braid" pattern, we need:

    • Wool thread 500g.
    • Circular and stocking needles No. 7
    • Hook number 6

    Stages of mating:

    • We collect 126 loops on the circular needles and close them into the ring.
    • We distribute the loops: 9 loops - shawl knit, 33 loops - “braid” pattern, again 9 loops - shawl knit and 33 - “braid” pattern.
    • In the 14th row, the number of loops is reduced to 123 as follows. We knit every fifth and sixth loop (in the middle of the scarves) together with a purl.
    • We continue to knit in this way until the 108th row, and then repeat the action described above. Those. we knit two loops in the middle of the garter-knit together with a purl.
    • Close the loop on the 120th row.
    • The scarf is almost ready. We tie it with a hook. We knit one circular row without a single crochet column, and knit another “row of step”.

    If you decide to tie a scarf-collar without a pattern, then it will look no less impressive, especially if you tie it on large knitting needles (for example, No. 9) and from coarser yarn.

    How to tie a crochet scarf

    If you own knitting needles less masterly than a crochet, then you can tie a scarf-collar with the help of the latter. With a hook, you can create various openwork patterns or simply knit a smooth canvas. Consider one of the options. It is not heavy and even beginners can easily cope with it.

    • Hooking 280 air loops
    • Row 1: knit 3 lifting loops, then knit 1 poof in 5 loop from the hook, i.e. We knit not in the next loop, but skip one (knit through one). Repeat for a row.
    • The pouf should be knitted in the following way: we put on (we pass 1 loop, we insert the hook into the next loop and then we pull the thread), we knit the nape again (we insert the hook in the same loop as before). Just do 4 nakida (required, all in one loop). Then on the hook you should have 9 loops.
    • Next, grab the thread and crochet 8 loops together. After that, 2 loops will remain on the hook.
    • The last stage of knitting pouf.Two loops, which remained on the hook, we knit with one thread. Poof ready.
    • We knit further according to the scheme.

    Schemes and patterns for knitting a scarf-clip fit any. The main thing is that the scarf is the same on either side. This is necessary so that during the socks you don’t wonder if the drawing has not slipped. Various options of how to tie a scarf-collar (scheme) you can easily find on the Internet or in knitting magazines.

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