• How to tie an iPhone?

    Anna Bazarova
    Anna Bazarova
    October 28, 2014
    How to tie an iPhone?

    IPhone Apple is equipped with a huge number of applications, menus and the screen is literally full of various icons: Internet, music, camera, maps, video, weather. For a more complete menu, read the article How to use the IPhone. To expand the collection of your applications, programs for downloading music, e-books, Instagram, iTunes and much more, the App Store is needed, and before installing it, you need to bind your device to; Apple id - the user ID. Connection can be made both from iPhone, and from the PC, we will describe the first option of connection. ;

    Apple id

    Note that, quite recently, Apple introduced a completely updated security concept in iOS 7. When an iPhone first activates a SIM card and turns on the device, you will be asked to set up Apple id (find my phone function), you can of course do it later, but You will not have access to download applications. It is important that after resetting the phone or flashing it, only the owner can activate it by entering the login and password of his account.When buying a used iPhone, make sure that the device is untied from the accounts of the previous owners. In case you sell a phone, delete the personal account in the iPhone settings and disable the "Find iPhone" feature, reset the device settings and content. ;

    If a situation arises that you have forgotten your Apple id, then you will need to go to the official one and, having provided some information, reset the password and get a new one.

    How to tie the iPhone to Apple id

    To bind your iPhone to a personal id, you need to take a few simple steps:

    1. Check the phone's connection to the Internet;
    2. Select the device settings and click on the tab "iTunes Store and Apple Store" and select "create Apple id";
    3. Next, we accept a number of conditions, enter the date of birth, fix three control questions in case of password recovery, think up the password itself according to the specified conditions, enter a valid email address, which you will then enter repeatedly at virtually every operation associated with AppStore and Apple.
    4. After that, an email should come to the e-mail with a link to activate your personal account that you need to click.
    5. Access to the world of Apple is open!

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