• How to tighten the buttocks at home?

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    How to tighten the buttocks at home?

    Both women and men, who want to look attractive and keep their bodies in good physical shape, strive to achieve a good shape of the buttocks. It is a mistaken view that the ideal priests can be achieved without any effort - unless you decide to give yourself up to the surgeon-cosmetologist. However, if you are thinking about how to tighten your buttocks without medical intervention, get ready for regular muscular loads and accumulate your will and stubbornness.

    How to quickly tighten the buttocks

    Keep in mind that fast does not mean instantly. Time is required in any case. So if you are going to hit those around you with a pretty booty on the beach, start your workouts at least one month before the holidays. And it is real to tighten the buttocks even at home, the main thing is to force yourself to work every day. And do not overdo it, so as not to heal the enslaved muscles for a few days or, especially, stretching.So you should always start with warming up the muscles. To do this, take a flat stand, legs are put together, and the body leans forward. Objective: to reach the floor with the fingertips without bending the knees. This should be done 10 times, slowly, so that the muscles of the legs have time to stretch as much as possible, warm up, but have not been injured. After starting the exercise, proceed.

    1. One of the most effective and well-known exercises designed to tighten the buttocks is the “bridge”. Lying on his back, heels of bent legs are placed as close as possible to the bottom, and arms are placed along the body. Objective: to raise your pelvis to get a straight line from the knees almost to the shoulders. It should be performed at least 10 times and no less than twice a day.
    2. Do not forget about the primitive squats, as they are well help to quickly tighten the buttocks. The main thing is to observe simple conditions: keep your back straight and shoulders unrolled. In this positionTighten the buttocksAll the effort of the exercises is only on the legs, and if you do it by 10 squats and 3 times a day, in a month you will get elastic and taut buttocks.
    3. Good results are given by raising the legs from the position on all fours.The key to success in keeping the leg raised straight and fixing the direction of its toe to the floor. When lowering the fingers should not touch the floor. It will help you understand how to tighten the buttocks of the exercise demonstration video.
    4. Effectively help to tighten the buttocks at home swing your foot back with a fixed load on it. Find a reliable support, which you will hold by your hands, and take your legs in turn (by all means straight!) As high as possible not less than 10 times and at least twice a day.
    5. Exercises to tighten the buttocks, look funny, but act quickly and reliably. One of them is to sit on the floor, stretch your straight legs forward and pull the socks to your side. In this position, one should “step over” from one buttock to another, moving forward and then back. Hands can not push off! At first, the exercise seems to be very difficult, but over time you will be able to “walk on the priest” quite far away - and at the same time you will get amazing forms. What other exercises you can tighten the buttocks, find out by reading the article How to pump the ass.

    Tightening the muscles on the simulator

    Best of all, of course, they know how to tighten the muscles of the buttocks fitness trainers, accompanying classes in gyms. Experts consider veryTighten the buttockseffective, for example, a treadmill. Not everyone can install it at home - it takes up enough space. However, it allows you to take care not only about how to make a taut buttocks, but also to improve the shape of the hips. Do not count on quick results - you will have to run for quite a long time.

    Those who signed up for fitness, as it seeks to make taut buttocks, should pay special attention to Smith's car. It is similar to those with the help of which they pump up the upper shoulder girdle with a rod, only the support is located inside the structure. It is better to work on this simulator under the supervision of an instructor, because the desire to tighten the buttocks often causes enthusiasts to start with too much pressure, which leads to injuries. Read more about this in the article How to pump up the buttocks.

    Massage as a way to tighten the buttocks

    We note that limiting ourselves exclusively with this method, you are unlikely to succeed in tightening the buttocks qualitatively. Professional massage therapist after much effortTighten the buttocksmake your ass much more elastic, but your muscles will not be trained. So it is better to combine exercise with a massage. Moreover, to tighten the buttocks, at home you can do self-massage. Before the shower, you can make pinching movements on the entire surface of the priests, and then hold the clapping. And in the very soul, vigorously rub the buttocks with a soft brush or hard washcloth. Only this should be done in moderation, not bringing the skin to a bright red color. And after self-massage, be sure to grease the buttocks with a fat cream. Some advise the use of anti-cellulite, but its effectiveness is doubtful for many, so decide for yourself whether to believe or not.

    The role of nutrition and lifestyle in trying to make taut buttocks

    Usually various diets are recommended for those who want to lose weight. However, even if you just want to tighten the muscles of the buttocks, you still have to reconsider your lifestyle. This is especially true of the fair sex: overweight, which is not noticeable so far in general, is deposited from them primarily on the priest. Choose some specialTighten the buttocksdiet is not necessary, it is enough to limit the amount of sweet, flour and fatty, and also to abandon carbonated drinks. The advice not to eat after 6 pm concerns, perhaps, only those who go to bed at 10.If your regimen assumes later layings, just try not to open the refrigerator after dinner. Since, in order to tighten the buttocks, regular exercises are required, you will also have to give up smoking and alcohol - as, however, all athletes.

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