• How to touch a girl?

    Touching different parts of the body can drive a girl crazy and even provoke strong love and passion. And sometimes they can infuriate her and cause the only desire - never to meet the person who touched her. Therefore, all members of the stronger sex should know how to touch a girl in order to give her pleasure.

    How to touch a girl: basic tips

    First, in order to understand how to touch a girl, you need to know her character and preferences. Some like men with a hot temperament, others - affectionate and gentle. In any case, almost no girl will give up light and almost air touches in favor of impetuous and rough caresses. They may be appropriate at the time of mad passion, but not with foreplay.

    Girls love when they admire, love, care. That is why they like so much long and gentle caresses and touches, regardless of the part of the body to which the guy touches. Tenderness is the basis of technology and a guarantee that the girl will be delighted.If you begin to touch the girl for the ass as if kneading the dough, she can send you to study at the culinary college at best. The same applies to the caress of the chest, thighs and especially the genitals. Any rudeness regarding this zone is able to discourage sexual desire, not only for the whole evening, but also forever - with a specific guy.

    Where can I touch a girl

    This question can be answered "everywhere", the main thing is to know how to caress certain parts of the girl's body. At the same time there are such sensitive points on the female body, touching which gives them a special pleasure. Therefore, you should consider the most important of them:

    • Ears;
    • Nape and neck;
    • Thighs;
    • Lower back;
    • Chest.

    With ears it is important not to overdo it and confine light touch. The neck and the back of the head should be stroked gently, smoothly moving to the scalp, slightly sipping the hair roots. This massage is also very relaxing.

    The inner surface of the thighs and the lower back are very sensitive to caressing, since in these areas the skin is most tender. It should be slowly held with fingertips up and down in these areas.

    Breast is almost the main erogenous zone in women after genitals. And, contrary to popular belief, the sensitivity is not only the nipple, but the entire mammary gland. Therefore, caressing the chest should be gentle and at the same time passionate. To do this, it is best to touch this area with the whole palm, slightly squeezing and releasing the nipples.

    How to touch a girl �by chance�

    If you want to touch a girl, but you do not have for this a weighty reason in the form of at least a hint of a relationship, you can offer to tell fortunes by her hand. In most cases, curiosity takes over and the girl agrees. This is your chance to give her a pleasant feeling of touching her palms and wrists.

    You can offer to make her a massage. This is the best option to satisfy your desire to touch the female body and at the same time please the girl herself. You can start with a head massage, smoothly go to the back of the head and neck, and then go to more resolute caresses.

    Of course, you can also portray a random touch, for example, in public transport or by helping a girl do some kind of physical exercise.Not bad to offer to teach her to play tennis or billiards. Such games make it possible to touch the female body and at the same time pretend that this process requires.

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