• How to transfer pictures?

    With the advent of the 21st century, digital and nano technology, more and more devices can store information, files and other multimedia. Our article will tell about multimedia files, namely about photos. Every day, the cameras of our phones and cameras are improving and capturing moments of life, which, sometimes, we want to edit or just watch on the big screen, for this you need to know how to transfer photos to your computer.

    There are several methods for sharing files between carriers, we will consider usb cords and card readers, breaking everything into categories.

    How to transfer pictures from your phone

    Most phones in the basic configuration are equipped with a usb cord for file sharing. On one side, the cord goes into a special phone jack, and the other side into the usb connector of the computer. Then the devices are synchronized, and as a result, the computer sees the phone as a removable physical disk or disk. Then go to the option menu of the computer and select the recently appeared removable disk, which can be called any letter of the Latin alphabet.Using a computer mouse, go to a removable disk, mark the files you need by holding down the ctrl key on the keyboard and clicking on each desired file with the left mouse button. In this case, the files should be allocated. Then copy them to the computer - right-click on the marked files, select the copy item and transfer them to any local computer disk.

    Also on some phones, the default synchronization mode with the computer is set as a modem. In this case, in the phone menu you need to set the removable disk synchronization mode.

    How to transfer pictures from the camera

    Photos from the camera can be transferred to the computer also via the usb cord that comes with the device. When the PC is connected, it sees the camera as a removable disk, the copying scheme is the same as for copying from the phone.

    How to transfer pictures to iPhone

    To synchronize the iPhone with a computer, there is a special utility - itunes. To copy photos, connect the iPhone to the computer through a special cord that comes with the device in the kit, go to the iTunes program, select the photo tab, create a special folder for the photos, then select the path to this folder in the photo tab.Upon completion of synchronization, all pictures transferred to this folder will be copied to the iPhone.

    Memory cards, flash drives

    In most modern computers, nests for flash drives and memory cards are provided, if not, buy a special device - a card reader, insert it into the computer, and your memory card and still do it in the same way as in the case of the phone - look for the desired removable disk and copy from there files.


    You can also upload files to your computer via wireless connection, the so-called bluetooth or infrared port. If the IR port is almost extinct on our phones, then the bluetooth is still being installed in our devices. To exchange data, you need a Bluetooth adapter for your computer, drivers for this adapter, which are usually included, and the phone itself. True, the disadvantage of this method lies in the low data transfer rate, and, for example, if you need to transfer a lot of photos, you will have to wait a very long time.


    This is the most expensive and inconvenient way to transfer photos to a computer. For those who do not have a card reader, or any other possible cords and adapters, an e-mail with a picture to the computer is simply sent from the phone, and there it is already opened and viewed.The disadvantage of this method lies in the cost of transmitting such messages and in compressing the transmitted image, since the phone is not able to transmit high resolution photographs with the message.

    I hope this article has helped you figure out how to transfer photos from different media.

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