• How to translate Opera from English to Russian

    Launch Opera and open the general settings menu. This can be done in three ways. The first is if you have the main menu enabled (the panel with the File, Edit, View, etc. buttons at the top of the browser), click Tools> Preferences. Second, if you have the main menu disabled, click the button with the Opera icon in the upper left corner of the program, and then Settings> Preferences. Third - just click the Ctrl + F12 hotkeys.
    Open the General tab (it is open by default), click the Language drop-down menu at the bottom of the window, select “Russian [ru]” in it and click OK.
    If there is no Russian in the list of languages, go to opera.com/download/languagefiles. See which version of your browser (if the main menu is enabled - Help> About Opera, the uppermost Version item; if the main menu is disabled - the button with the Opera icon at the top left, then Help> About Opera, the uppermost Version item), and better update it to the latest version (Help> Check for updates). Considering the current browser version, download a language file from this page.Transfer this file to a safe place, for example, to the root of the browser folder. The default is C: / Program files / Opera.
    Again open the General tab in the general settings menu (how to do this is written in the first and second steps of the instructions) and click on the Details button, which is located in the lower right part of the window. Click on the Choose button and in the opened window specify the path to the language file. Click OK in the open windows for the changes to take effect.

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