• How to translate watts?

    Nikolay Lazarenko
    Nikolay Lazarenko
    January 30, 2013
    How to translate watts?

    Understanding how to convert watts to kilowatts is easy enough. One watt is equal to one thousandth of a kilowatt of 1W = 0.001kW. Then, when translating, one should divide the number of watts by one thousand, move the decimal point three figures to the left and get a kW. Example: 2000W / 1000 = 2 kW, 50W = 0.005 kW, 1 W = 0.001 kW, 56000 W = 56 kW. Now it’s clear to you how to translate watts.

    To understand how to convert kilowatts (kW) to watts (W), you need to remember that the prefix "kilo" means "thousand". One kilowatt is equal to one thousand watts (1kW = 1000W). To convert kilowatts to watts, you need to multiply the value of kilowatts by a thousand. Multiplying a number by a thousand, the comma is transferred to the right by three digits. Example: 4kW * 1000 = 4000W, 1.5kW = 1500W, 50W = 0.05kW = 50W, as you can see there is nothing complicated.

    How to convert watts to amps and what formula to use

    Use the formula to find the number of watts (P = I * U),

    P-Watt, I-Ampere, U-Volt

    For example:

    • 5A * 220V = 1100W
    • 100W = 220V * 0.45A
    • 440W = 220V * 2A
    • 3300W = 220V * 15A

    To convert watts to amps, we take the formula:

    (I = p / u)

    I-Amps, P-Watts, U-Volts

    For example, you need to know how many amps in 2640W, at a voltage of 220V. It is necessary to divide the watts into volts:

    • 2640/220 = 12, 12 amperes are coming out.
    • 3300W / 220V = 15A
    • 220W / 220V = 1A

    On network filters, voltage regulators and other network devices write the maximum permissible load. For example, 1000W, use no more than 80% load, more insecure.

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