• How to treat bloating

    Diet. The reasons causing a meteorism, can be a little. And in the case of each of them the treatment of bloating will follow its own scenario. However, there are a number of universal products, the use of which does not cause increased gas formation. These are buckwheat and oatmeal, steamed vegetables, dried fruits, bread and cumin. Categorically it is necessary to refuse black bread, milk, chocolate, yeast baking, cabbage and beans, and also kvass, beer and carbonated drinks.
    Medications. Effective tools in the fight against flatulence are such proven tools as "No-spa", "Papaverine", "Smekta", black and white activated carbon, as well as preparations based on prebiotics. However, they only eliminate the symptoms, but do not cure the underlying cause of the disease.
    Nutrition Culture. A person who suffers from flatulence, it is necessary to radically reconsider it. Do not overeat, chew food thoroughly, stop swallowing it hastily.If heartburn still appeared, it is not recommended to eliminate it with the help of soda, as many do. This product will only enhance the formation of gases.
    Folk recipes. Often for the treatment of abdominal distention apply a variety of decoctions and infusions. They prevent the formation of gases and relieve discomfort. To get rid of the symptoms of bloating, the extracts from chamomile, mother-and-stepmother, plantain, as well as a decoction of dried fruits of bird cherry, mixed with propolis tincture help.
    Hike to the doctor-gastroenterologist.

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