• How to treat joints?

    The pain in the joints is sometimes unbearable, with any movements becoming torture, it is not worth bringing to this state. It is very important at the first joint pains to seek help from a specialist in order for him to tell you how to treat joints. This article will tell you about what measures are being taken to treat joints.

    Joint pain can be a signal of various diseases, and, unfortunately, not all joint diseases can be cured. For example, medicine has not yet found a remedy that will save you from osteoarthritis of the last stage. Although in the early stages of the disease can be stopped. That is why it is very important to consult a doctor in time and not start a disease, otherwise you can bring yourself to disability.

    Sensations in various diseases of the joints can be very similar: pain, swelling of the joint, change in its shape, but different treatment is prescribed. To determine the diagnosis, you should consult a doctor and not start self-medication so as not to harm your health. The most common diseases of the joints are arthritis and arthrosis.Arthrosis is a disease characterized by progressive destruction of all the tissues of the joint, the disease is most common in the elderly. Even children are susceptible to arthritis. This inflammatory disease of the joints, may occur as a result of infectious diseases, injuries. About the causes of pain in the joints is described in more detail in another article on our site - “Why do joints ache?”.

    How to cure joints

    In the treatment of joints, the following methods are distinguished, which are prescribed in combination:

    • Drug treatment;
    • Physiotherapy treatment;
    • Physical Therapy;
    • Manual therapy;
    • Surgery

    The first is aimed at:

    • fight against the causes of the disease;
    • relief of the disease (ointment), pain relief;
    • increase overall immunity.

    Various new products (ointments, chondroprotective agents) regularly appear on the market of medicinal products, which guarantee a quick cure of arthritis and arthrosis. However, no drug can quickly cure diseases of the joints, it is a long and painstaking work. Before taking any "magic" medicine, consult with your doctor.

    Physical therapy is aimed at improving the blood supply to the joint, and therefore its nutrition, to activate the body's defense systems. You may be assigned different procedures depending on the disease: thermal procedures, electrophoresis, laser therapy, acupuncture, phonophoresis. Therapeutic physical training is aimed at more active nutrition of the joint, increasing its mobility, while the program is prepared for each disease separately, so that the movements are outside the pain range. In addition, exercises strengthen the periarticular muscles, which slightly compensates for a weak joint.

    With physical exertion for diseases of the joints in general, you need to be very careful. First, they must be correct and directed, and, secondly, it is necessary to eliminate excessive physical exertion. It is possible to remove part of the load from diseased joints of the legs with the help of crutches, reeds. At present, manual therapy is quite common. It is very important to find a good specialist. And then therapeutic massages will relieve pain, activate the regeneration of the tissues of the joints and will not bring unpleasant sensations to the diseased joints.In addition, you can learn self-massage, go for treatment in a specialized sanatorium.

    Surgical intervention is usually an extreme measure and is prescribed in very neglected cases. For example, operations are performed to replace a joint (in cases where the own joint is destroyed and will not be restored). In addition, you can offer your doctor to add folk remedies to the treatment plan, but do not turn them on yourself and consult with your doctor before applying them to yourself. Here are some recipes for joint pain relief:

    • Tincture of sabelnik. It can be purchased at a pharmacy or prepared by yourself: cut a plant (rhizome, stem), pour everything into a jar and pour alcohol (40-50%), insist in a dark place, stirring regularly for 20 days. It is possible to apply both in the form of compresses, and inside: 2 times a day before meals, 1 teaspoon diluted in a glass of water.
    • Cabbage leaf. Mix 3 tbsp. spoons of camphor oil, 1 tbsp. l dry mustard, 1 tbsp. l honey, put the resulting mixture on a cabbage leaf, and attach to the sore joint, secure with a bandage. Leave for a few hours.
    • RadishMix 3 parts of radish juice (with pulp), 1 part alcohol (40%) or vodka, 1 part honey. Rub this mixture into the joints, plus the recipe is a massage effect.
    • Burdock Crumple a few leaves of burdock, wrap the sore joint with them (apply fluffy side), fasten with a bandage, wrap in cellophane and insulate.

    You must comply with the instructions of the doctor. Know that the treatment of diseases of the joints takes quite a long time. And even after the symptoms go away, you have to spend a lot of time to restore the normal functioning of the joint.

    How to strengthen the joints?

    A disease is always easier to prevent than to cure. Measures for the prevention of diseases of the joints are particularly relevant for people with a genetic predisposition. The main measure of prevention is to strengthen the joints. You can strengthen them with the help of physical education and maintaining a rolling lifestyle. Exercises at the same time should be aimed at improving joint mobility, increasing the “stretching”, as well as strengthening the periarticular muscles.

    If, on the contrary, you are actively involved in sports, then do not forget about the warm-up, it is very important before serious physical exertion to prepare the joints for them. In addition, it will be useful:

    • Balance nutrition, minimize consumption of fat, salty and spicy. Eating plant foods will be a plus.
    • Take vitamins.
    • Watch for weight, as overweight increases the load on the joints of the legs. So, people who are overweight often face the question of how to treat knee and other leg joints.
    • Watch your posture, wear comfortable shoes.
    • To get rid of bad habits, first of all it is necessary to abandon the use of alcohol.

    Now you know what to do if your joints hurt. How to treat exactly your joints, the doctor will explain to you. Do not think that the pain in the joints will pass by itself, this is a delusion, as sometimes even a harmless injury can lead to serious complications.

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