• How to turn on Nokia?

    Natalya Safonova
    Natalya Safonova
    September 18, 2014
    How to turn on Nokia?

    Sometimes there are situations when Nokia’s mobile phone cannot be switched on in the usual way. There are various reasons for this (more on this in the article Why the phone is not included). How to "reanimate" the device? Consider a few options on how to turn on your Nokia phone.

    Usually, there is an on-off button on the body of the phone, which must be pressed and held until vibration appears. For many models of Nokia, the power button is on the front panel, and for some (for example, Nokia X) at the top.

    However, sometimes it breaks, sinks, etc. What to do in this situation?

    • First, you can contact the customer service, and there you will be professionally helped to figure out what happened to the phone.
    • Secondly, if you do not have the opportunity to visit the service in the near future, and the button is ignited, you can try to turn on the phone yourself.

    To do this, gently remove the tangled button on the phone with tweezers. Now we need to close any two unpaired wiring (you can close the contacts, for example, using a clip or needle).It is desirable in the future to prevent the phone from completely discharging and not turning it off.

    Nokia Lumia

    If you do not turn on Nokia Lumia, you can try to turn it on in another way while keeping the power button on.

    No data loss

    Hold down the volume down button and the power button and hold for 10-15 seconds. The phone must reboot. With this method, the information on your phone will remain safe and sound.

    With data loss

    If this method did not work, you can try another one, but no longer safe for data integrity. Press and hold simultaneously the volume control button, camera shutter button and on-off button. Try to keep them pressed for about 10 seconds. However, please note that this will delete all saved data from your phone: contacts, messages, etc. The phone will become the same as on the day of purchase. So, you can take this step if you have nothing to lose.

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