• How to understand that a guy wants only sex from you?

    How do I know that a guy wants only sex for one night?

    How to find out and how to understand that a guy wants only sex for one night?

    How to understand that the guy wants only sex? How to understand that he is not interested in a long and serious relationship? How to understand that a man expects to extend the relationship only before the first sex just for one night?


    Everyone knows that guys and girls fall in love in different ways. Girls are able to fall in love instantly, knowing almost nothing about the person. In guys, this is a more mature feeling, which he needs to come to after a certain time period, which depends on the intensity of communication. To fall in love, he needs much more time! It will probably be three months, six months, one year and even three years. And while he does not really fall in love, he will only play in love. Everyone knows the fact that guys give love to get sex, and girls allow sex to get love.Since guys perceive love differently than girls, and view it in a slightly different sense, then from the very beginning of the relationship, they play it like to achieve the desired result, namely sex. This is normal. The main thing to immediately understand and understand that the guy wants from you only sex or ask how to find out if they love you. If you managed to notice this immediately, then you need to break off such unpromising relationships, and the sooner the better, otherwise the relationship with him will bring you nothing else, like pain, disappointment and suffering.

    How do I know that a guy wants only sex for one night?



    For a start, you just have to listen to your intuition. We can confidently say that she never deceives. The main thing that a girl in a state of love, listen to him. Watch the guy's behavior carefully.


    How to find out and how to understand that a guy wants only sex for one night?

    How to find out and how to understand that a guy wants only sex for one night?

    If a guy wants only sex and is looking for only entertainment in a girl, then he will lead the conversation mainly about you, if not exclusively about you, but he will not tell anything about himself. It is, of course, very flattering that all his attention is focused on you.But all men are egoists by nature, and if he was really set for a longer relationship, he would certainly have more to say about himself.


    If he repeats almost the same thing all the time, praising your beauty, confessing his love, and praising you on a pedestal, then this should be alarming, although such words are nice to any woman, but they are aimed at putting an object of attention to sleep. It should be alarming if he doesn’t specify what exactly he likes about you, in particular, for example, he doesn’t specify that at the moment he is admired by your new dress, gorgeous hairstyle, manner of holding. A man is concrete only if he is really in love with you. He will make you various compliments, and will not skimp on them. He will notice every detail: a new color of lipstick, how you dress, how elegantly these shoes look on you, how this handbag harmonizes with your dress.


    If a guy wants only sex, if he sees in you only entertainment, then, with almost absolute certainty, it can be argued that he will praise your sexuality, say what a sexy and particularly seductive you are,will admire your body and your forms. Pay attention to what kind of compliments he gives you. If he is interested in a long relationship, then he will definitely talk about your spiritual qualities and your mind.


    If a guy wants only sex, then almost nothing will talk about himself, about his innermost, his hobbies, interests, about everything that does not concern the topic of sex. You have to force something out of him about him. Most likely, all you will know about him is his name and age. Consider knowing about his interests and hobbies. What is he really interested in?


    If a guy wants only sex for one night, then he will basically confess his love virtually: via SMS, email, chat, instant messengers, and most often by phone. You can not even doubt that love for him is all just a game, the prize in which will be sex with you. But if he never, at the same time, speaks of love, looking with love, into your eyes, then all he needs from you is sex. If love confessions are expressed only virtually, then all he really needs is sex!


    If you are interested in learning how to understand,that the guy only wants sex, you can see if he doesn’t put conditions on you, or he blackmails, he can push you because he just needs sex, and he simply cannot do without him for a long time. He will insist that he cannot live normally without him, will describe the details of his hectic sex life. Probably, he will even threaten that his love for you will cool, and he will leave you if you refuse him sex. What can I say, love is either there or it is not there, but they do not bargain with love. And if he claims that he will love you only in exchange for sex, then he only expects from you only him. Take it as a fact, there is no other option in this case, and you should not even doubt it. Immediately part with him, you should not spend on him neither your time nor your strength. You can just read about how to stop loving a guy.


    If a guy is looking only for entertainment, then he will behave with you as if you are intimate friends, even if he is familiar with you for only one hour.


    How to find out and how to understand that a guy wants only sex for one night?


    If the guy is only looking for entertainment, he will do everything to get back to you as quickly as possible. If he offers to go to his home, to an empty summer cottage or to some other place where you are completely alone, then it is better to avoid this and refuse.In addition, a clear sign that the guy wants only sex for one night, may be the fact that he is not interested in what plans you have for the next week, month, year, he is interested in your plans only for this evening. It is likely that he does not count on any continuation.

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