• How to remove Linux?

    Linux is an operating system created by Linus Torvalds. There are a lot of Linux users today, but there are also many who know little about this operating system. There are those who tried to work in Linux, but were never used to this OS. In this case, it is useful to learn how to remove Linux. Now we will describe to you several options for removing this OS.

    How to remove Linux? Before deleting, you should keep in mind that not only the operating system will be deleted, but also the information from the hard disk, so you first need to save the necessary data on other media. After that, proceed to the process of removing Linux.

    Turn off Swap and Native segments. To do this, use the integrated Fdisk program. To boot the computer, use the installation diskette or a Linux disk. On the command line, write Fdisk and press the Enter key. Then to get information about any of the sections, type "p" and press Enter. To turn off the segments there, type "d" and press Enter again. After this action, a window will appear, in which there will be a request to delete the section. To delete, enter 1, and so on. Thus, delete all segments in this operating system. On the command line, type "w" and Enter. The computer will generate an error. Do not attach any importance to this.Need to work with the command line. To do this, type "q" and press Enter.

    There is another method that tells you how to remove Linux from a computer. This method will suit you if you want to install Windows. Elementary install from the boot disk of Windows and proceed to install this operating system. During the installation process, you will see information about the disk segments that are there, with an indication of their types. Then you will need to continue the installation, following the instructions of the Windows Setup program. To delete the master boot record, you can, after booting from a floppy disk or a Windows disk, issue the fdisk / mbr command, which will give you the opportunity to return the main Windows boot record to disk. If you figure it out, you can easily answer the question of how to remove Linux from a laptop, because the procedure is the same.

    Linux mint

    How to remove Linux Mint? Segments can be turned off using the Fdisk program. Delete the Linux used native, swap, and boot partition. Load the device from a floppy disk. Type fdisk on the command line. Press the Enter button. To get information about the segments, type in the command line "p", press the Enter button.At the top are information about the main hard disk partition. Type “d” on the command line. Press the Enter button. A window will appear in which you need to specify the number of the section to be eliminated.

    Linux ubuntu

    How to uninstall Linux Ubuntu? If the user wants to delete Ubuntu, it is necessary to format the disk partition on which the operating system is installed. After that, you need to install the user's computer from the drive in the BIOS. As part of the Microsoft OS installation, you need to take the terms of the agreement, then click on the “Next” button, find the installation section that covers the previously installed Ubuntu operating system, you need to format it (it’s better to do it in the NTFS file format).

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