• How to upload to ipad?

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    How to upload to ipad?

    Undoubtedly, Apple products are one of the leaders of modern devices. The advantage of the iPhone, iPad, iPod and iTouch is that all the data of these gadgets can be managed exclusively using the free program iTunes. In this article we will explain how to upload videos, photos and music to the iPad.

    Before you begin, you need to download and install iTunes from the official website of apple.com. You can synchronize your device with this application in two ways: via a USB cable or a cloud service with iCloud. If you are booting from a home computer, we recommend using a USB connection.

    Download movie on ipad

    Before starting the download, make sure that your device has enough memory.

    Before downloading a movie or other video, we recommend converting it to your screen resolution. This will reduce the amount of video. Special programs for conversion can be downloaded from the Internet absolutely free.

    1. Connect the iPad to the computer.
    2. Open the iTupes software.
    3. Wait until the program finds the device and synchronizes with it.
    4. Adding a video to iTupes: click the "File" button, then "Add file to Media Library". Find the directory where your video is located, and click the "Open" button. Or you can drag the file into the program with the mouse.
    5. We check the appearance of the video in the library section "Movies".
    6. Go to the "Devices" section, in the "Films" tab, select the desired objects and press the sync button.

    Read another article How to download movies on the iPad.

    Upload photos on ipad

    We draw your attention to the fact that the loading of pictures takes place in a whole folder. Therefore, we recommend that you arrange all the images you need to upload into one folder.

    1. Go to the tab "Devices" in the "Images".
    2. Put a tick "Sync folder with images."
    3. Press the "Select" button and in the directory of the computer select the desired folder.
    4. Click the "Sync" button.

    Download music on ipad

    1. Go to the library section iTupes "Music".
    2. Click the "File" button, then "Add File to Media Library". Find the directory where your audio recordings are located, and click the "Open" button.Or files can be dragged into the program with the mouse.
    3. Go to the "Devices" section in the "Music" tab.
    4. Click the "Sync" button.

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