• How to use darsonval in cosmetology?

    Fortunately, cosmetology is developing at a rapid pace, and today women can use many of the most diverse methods of rejuvenating and improving their body and skin condition. One of these methods is darsonvalization. And what are the features of this procedure? When is it effective?

    What it is?

    The darsonvalization method was invented at the end of the 19th century by the French physicist and doctor d'Arsonval, who suggested using current to treat certain diseases. But this is not the current that passes through the wires and ensures the operation of electrical appliances.


    This is a special high-frequency alternating current of high voltage, supplied by short pulses. Such an electrical effect can not harm a person, but in some cases helps to cope with some problems.

    Today, local darsonvalization is widely used, implying an impact on certain local zones and body areas.The current supply is carried out using vacuum glass electrodes of various shapes. The action of pulses of alternating current provokes the ionization of a discharged gas, which is under low pressure.

    As a result, the energy of the current passes through the ionized gas (it has a fairly high electrical conductivity) and through the wall of the glass electrode already in the form of weak discharges hits the human body.

    How does this work?

    The impact of darsonvalization on the body tissues is carried out in several directions at once:

    1. The impulse current causes the cellular ions of tissues to oscillate. And as a result of such oscillations, the ionic composition of the tissues changes, and this leads to the fact that the functional activity of the cells is gradually restored. The friction between the charged particles of tissues also determines the thermal effect. It turns out that the site of exposure is exposed to a slight heating, which allows you to speed up all cellular and tissue processes.
    2. Short electrical discharges concentrate heat at a certain point. As a result, blood circulation and blood supply to the tissues are significantly improved in the impact zone, which allows starting regeneration processes and improving the functioning of all tissues and organs.If we increase the intensity of the current discharges, then it is possible to obtain not only heating, but also the cautery effect.
    3. Ozone, which is released in the near-electrode space, has an antiseptic, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.

    As a result of such actions, the skin condition improves: it becomes more elastic, fine wrinkles disappear, acne and acne become less noticeable and disappear completely, the color improves, the pores open and cleaned. In addition, the work of the sweat and sebaceous glands is normalized. And still improves the work of hair follicles and hair structure. So darsonvalization in cosmetology began to be used for a reason.

    In what cases darsonvalization is effective?


    Darsonvalization is widely used in cosmetology of the face and the whole body. Here are the main indications for the procedure:

    • Phlebeurysm.
    • Deterioration of the skin: reduced turgor and elasticity, discoloration, sagging.
    • Increased sebaceous gland activity and its consequences (excessively oily skin).
    • Acne.
    • Superficial fine wrinkles.
    • Scars on the skin after acne or chickenpox.
    • Ulcers or wounds on the surface of the skin.
    • Hyperhidrosis (increased sweating due to violations of the sweat glands).
    • Loss of eyelashes and hair or their slow growth.
    • Deterioration of the hair condition: split ends, dryness, brittle.
    • Warts
    • Dermatitis, dermatosis and other skin diseases.
    • Stretch marks.
    • Cellulite
    • Other skin defects.

    In what cases is the procedure contraindicated?

    Darsonvalization has some contraindications:

    • too dry or too thin skin;
    • current intolerance;
    • moles of obscure nature in the impact zone;
    • malignant neoplasms;
    • diseases of the hematopoietic system;
    • depletion of the body;
    • some mental disorders;
    • hypertension (2nd or 3rd stage);
    • tuberculosis;
    • acute infections;
    • chronic diseases in the acute stage;
    • bleeding tendency and bleeding present;
    • the presence of a pacemaker;
    • epilepsy;
    • couperose;
    • arrhythmia;
    • pregnancy;
    • hepatic, cardiac, renal or pulmonary insufficiency;
    • deterioration of general condition (weakness, fever, severe fatigue).


    Helps hair

    In total, there are two types:

    1. Contact darsonvalization.In this case, the device is in contact with the skin, which ensures the impact and direct impact of current pulses on the skin. This type is used for point effects.
    2. Remote darsonvalization. In this case, the nozzle of the device is at some distance from the skin (usually 1-2 centimeters). In this case, a spark discharge is generated, and ozone is also released. This type allows you to work on large areas of the body, as well as to treat the hairy areas, which include the head.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    This method has numerous and undeniable advantages:

    • Efficiency.
    • Long lasting effect.
    • Painlessness
    • Universality of the method.
    • Low cost of the procedure.

    As for the shortcomings, then they can be attributed only to the presence of contraindications.

    Features of the procedure

    How is the procedure? Here are the main steps:

    1. First you need to remove all cosmetics from the skin. If this is not done, you can get burned.
    2. Then the specialist can clean the skin to improve its permeability.
    3. Then the beautician will select the appropriate nozzle, taking into account the peculiarities of the impact zone and the problems.
    4. To improve the sliding of the apparatus over the body, an expert can treat the area with a special compound.
    5. Then the electrode will be placed on the site of impact.
    6. The specialist will gradually supply current and observe your sensations. This will allow you to adjust the frequency, intensity and power, which will help to avoid unpleasant sensations.
    7. Then the beautician will apply a moisturizer to the skin.

    The duration of the procedure is on average 15-20 minutes. But usually the first 2-4 sessions last no more than 5 minutes, because the specialist should evaluate the patient's reaction. A total of 10 to 15 sessions can be required, which take place every other day or every day.

    During the procedure, you can feel a slight tingling or slight burning. But more often there is only a feeling of pleasant warmth. After the session, redness can be observed in the affected area, but they will be insignificant and will soon disappear. No rehabilitation is required. As for the preparation, it is not recommended to perform other procedures on the same day. It is also better to abandon the use of cosmetics.

    Darsonvalization at home

    You can purchase Darsonval apparatus and carry out procedures at home. But follow all the recommendations given in the instructions, and it is best to consult an experienced specialist who will help to identify contraindications and give useful advice.

    Let darsonvalization help you become attractive!

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