• How to use gel polish?

    Gel Polish is a modern manicure tool that allows you to get a lasting and beautiful manicure for a long time. It gives a brighter and more durable result, unlike ordinary varnishes, and also helps to create a shape and protect marigolds from damage.

    What are the advantages of gel polish?

    • The coating is applied easily and quickly dries under a UV lamp.
    • Smooth and comfortable application: nail polish does not spread on the nails and does not leave stains. If applied unsuccessfully, it can be easily removed.
    • Nails are not injured, but strengthened: gel polish makes them more healthy, including after removing the coating.
    • It has no unpleasant smell.
    • Does not harm those who acutely react to the chemical components of ordinary varnishes. Gel polishes have good formulations, often enriched with vitamins.
    • Providing protection and nutrition, gel varnish helps to grow marigolds to the desired length.
    • Keeps on for a long time.

    Where can I buy a good gel polish?

    MarketShell.ru offers a wide range of gel varnishes in Moscow. High-quality original products from global manufacturers at prices lower than those of other companies are purchased only from authorized dealers.Here you can buy gel polish of any color and texture, and at a discount, with convenient payment upon receipt and free delivery, taking into account the amount of the purchase.

    Also here you can buy everything that is required for high-quality coating: lamps, disinfectants and aids, devices for manicure and pedicure, etc. Therefore, if you plan to do such a manicure at home in the future, you can find everything you need. The store has experienced specialists in manicure and pedicure, who will help determine the best choice and answer all your questions.

    How to apply gel polish at home?

    Qualitatively applied gel polish will last on your nails for an average of two weeks. If you want to do this manicure yourself, you will need to purchase everything you need and learn the application technique at home.

    The following tools and tools are required:

    • Grinding. The grinder is needed to prepare the nails for applying nail polish, level the surface of the nail plates and thereby provide a more even and stable application.
    • Degreaser. It can be replaced by nail polish remover,It is not necessary to spend money on an expensive brand tool. The main function is to qualitatively degrease the nail, and this can be achieved by conventional means.
    • Ultraviolet lamp. The range of prices for UV lamps is very wide. Choose the appropriate from the possible price category. The lamp should be comfortable and do its job well. But each lamp must be at least 36 W, otherwise the coating simply will not dry.
    • Base gel gel polish (Base Gel). Choose a quality tool. The basis is necessary for high-quality coupling of a color covering with a nail.
    • Gel polish suitable shade.
    • The fixer. Finishes the manicure, fixes the coating and adds shine.
    • Alcohol or nail polish remover. Suitable for removing sticky residues and excess varnish.

    Gel Polish should be applied according to the following instructions:

    1. Prepare marigolds, perform a standard manicure without applying varnish.
    2. To grind a nail surface: to remove gloss and to level for further putting means.
    3. To degrease nails with nail polish remover, using lint-free materials (for example, napkins).
    4. Apply the base with a thin and even layer, paint over the ends of the nails.Then dry in the lamp for one to two minutes.
    5. Cover your nails with colored varnish in a couple of thin layers. Each layer should be dried in the lamp for two to three minutes.
    6. Apply a fixing coat in a moderately thick layer, painting over the ends. Then dry in the lamp for two to three minutes. After drying, remove the dispersion layer.

    If you have never applied gel polish yourself before, for the first time it is better to contact the master or study the corresponding training videos. You will understand the peculiarities of the procedure, get valuable advice and decide for yourself whether you are ready and want to do this at home. If you like the result, you will appreciate its benefits and learn how to apply gel varnish at home by yourself, your nails will always look gorgeous!

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