• How to use the navigator?

    One of the most useful inventions of the last few years is the navigator. This device allows you to determine where you are, to make a route from point A to point B, and also to choose the most suitable way for you. Many drivers from large cities now have a navigator, and now it�s very difficult to imagine a taxi driver without a GPS navigator - almost everyone who works for any taxi company has a taxi driver.

    GPS navigator has long been firmly established in our modern life thanks to all the amenities it offers. True, any, even the most advanced GPS navigator can fail, because this is just an electronic device, so you can not completely trust this device.

    What is the navigator for?

    GPS navigator exists in order to determine the place of stay, see it on a map of the area. Navigator consists of a receiver that receives a signal from a satellite. The navigator deciphers the signal and thus locates the receiver.True, to get all the amenities that this device gives, you need to know how to use the gps navigator.

    Depending on your needs, you can choose any navigator, the benefit of these devices now exist in a huge range, from tourist to automotive.

    We start to use the navigator

    For a start, let's figure out how to use the ordinary navigator, that is, travel. First you need to explore the interface of the navigator, since these devices are often multifunctional and contain many buttons. First of all, it is advisable to read the instructions for the navigator, remember which buttons are responsible for what, and make the initial settings. You need to choose a coordinate system and time zone. The main thing is to set the distance measurement unit - in some navigators, by default, the distance is measured in miles, not in kilometers. You can also install special signals. If your navigator already has initial settings, then this stage can be skipped.

    What can navigator

    In the navigator, you can view your current position, the geographical coordinates of any point and the trajectory of your movement.On any navigator there are several pages with different information that can be scrolled through.

    To remember the coordinates, you need to hold a certain button for a few seconds. You can also do this in the main menu. You can also select a saved coordinate and start moving along the selected trajectory.

    The path you have passed is automatically saved in the memory of the navigator, but this can be canceled in the settings. There is also an autorouting function - automatic routing. To do this, you must choose the end point of the path, and the device will independently choose for you the shortest and fastest way. When cornering, the navigator issues certain signals.

    With certain software, additional maps, routes and additional programs can be downloaded to the browser. But in any case, in any navigator there is necessarily a general map of the world indicating the regions, major cities, and roads. Before using the card, it is advisable to look through it and check the main positions, because these cards are actually made manually, and no one can be insured against an elementary human error.Often there are cases when navigators allow the hapless driver around in circles, especially in those parts of the road where there are many congresses. On such parts of the road with a small inaccuracy of the navigator, you can get stuck for a very long time.

    Telephone navigator

    In addition to ordinary devices, navigators, gps navigators are now in almost every smartphone. If you still do not know how to use the navigator in the phone, do not worry - everything is so simple that you need only minimal knowledge. There is no need to set up there - just download the map via usb cable or directly to your phone, then write the address in the search line - and you will get a route to point B. In some navigation systems you can even choose the type of movement - depending on whether you are on foot, traveling by private transport or public transport, the route changes.

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