• How to wake up earlier?

    Many of us would like to sleep in the mornings as much as we want, but we have to get up, and sometimes even very early. Sometimes such an early rise makes itself felt throughout the day: a person feels “broken” and tired. How to wake up earlier than usual and at the same time not feel “painful”?

    We offer you a few secrets of the early rise.

    How to train yourself to get up early

    Formulate a goal

    It is always easier to achieve something if you know why. The same principle can be applied in the case of an early rise. You need to know exactly why you need to get up earlier. For example, women, going to work, devote time to their appearance, and this can serve as an incentive, because you hardly want to appear in front of colleagues who are sleeping and with disheveled hair. An extra hour for the men in the morning will give you the opportunity to do sports, take a shower, have a tasty breakfast - all this will allow you to come to work in a good mood.

    Be patient and consistent

    It is important to recognize that getting used to early awakening takes time. You should not start abruptly and force yourself to get up at 5 am, if you usually sleep much longer.It will help a gradual decrease in sleep time. Start each day waking up 5-10 minutes earlier and, by doing so, you will consistently approach the desired figure. This approach will allow the body to adapt to the new regime and not get stressed every time you literally force yourself to get out of bed.

    Prepare for the morning from the evening

    All you have to do in the morning is to get up early. The rest should be ready in the evening. The bed should be warm clothes, so you do not want to come back under a blanket. In the kitchen - wait for the cooked breakfast, as well as be sure to be available favorite tea or coffee. Clothes for work, keys and documents, phone and other things you need to be collected and lay ready. In this case, the morning will pass calmly and create a positive attitude for the whole day.

    You will find more useful information in the article How to start the day.

    What affects the time and quality of sleep

    It can be difficult for us to get up early for a variety of reasons. We list the main ones.

    Bedroom lighting

    Usually bedroom windows curtain with thick curtains to create a comfortable sleep environment.However, for early waking up such curtains are an obstacle, because they create a pleasant twilight in the room. You can solve the problem by leaving the curtains open for the night (you can open them after the lights are off, and you are going to go to bed). In the morning, the room will be filled with sunlight, and it will be much easier to get up earlier.


    Plays an important role. A hearty dinner does not allow the body to relax at night, and as a result, instead of restoring strength, the person feels their decline. Early awakening in this case will become an annoying factor. The way out is to refuse late meal or, alternatively, replace it with a light dinner.

    Bad habits

    One of the bad habits is watching TV in the evening or spending time at a computer (movies, games, work, etc.). The brain, overloaded with information, continues to work even in a dream, as a result in the morning you do not feel sleepy. Instead of electronic devices, long-term viewing of which adversely affects the retina of the eye, read a book, but not for too long. Choose a piece that will allow you to calm down and relax.Many relieve tension helps a glass of milk with a teaspoon of honey.

    Vigorous activity

    In order to get up “painlessly” early in the morning, you need to go to bed early in the evening. This will succeed if during the day you were active and, quite simply, tired. This is not about fatigue, because it gives the opposite effect and a person cannot fall asleep for a long time. Pleasant fatigue allows you to lie down and immediately fall asleep, and in the morning, at the first sound of the alarm, get up without irritation and lack of sleep.

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