• How to want a girlfriend?

    In our turbulent and unstable world, unfortunately, nothing is permanent. This concerns not only work and wealth, but also our relations with loved ones and spouses, our desires and interests. The fact that these relationships are not going bad or upset, men blame women, well, and women, of course, a strong half of humanity. In order to understand how to want a girl, you need to understand yourself, change something in existing relationships, so that each sex is as exciting as the first, so that you want to run home or meet not only on weekends, you want to give flowers and walk under the moon . In short, you need to breathe a second life into relationships.

    Psychologist tips

    Each family is based on the relationship between a husband and wife, that is, a man and a woman. If the tandem of these two people is cracked, everyone suffers: children, parents, family. In order for a husband to want a wife, he needs to be active and take concrete steps.

    • Determine the cause of the missing desire, because for some time everything seemed to be normal.It is no secret that in order to maintain the previous relationship, you need to do something, that is, you need to deal with the relationship.
    • Try to spend more time alone, make pleasant surprises, relax together. You can also initiate some activities: hiking, walking, theaters, etc. All this not only brings together and unites the whole family, but also has a positive effect on relations between partners, it becomes a favorable background and foundation to be together more often, to see each other, to help and to desire each other. A lady in an evening dress or sitting by the fire causes much more emotion in a man than a beautiful woman in a home robe at the stove. Accordingly, it is very easy to answer the question of how to want a woman - create a romantic atmosphere, let your wife remember that she is a woman.
    • It would be nice to set general holidays or gatherings in the family, and it does not have to be traditional feasts, you can organize your holidays, for example, the day of dating, the coming of spring and others. These holidays should have a certain soil and, undoubtedly, be associated with pleasant moments or events.Memories of tender love can stir up fading feelings.
    • Long-term cohabitation leads to the fact that the partner begins to annoy us, sometimes with his presence alone. And the irritating factor is always negative, and we just stop noticing the good in our woman. In this case, you will have to work on yourself. In a large notebook, mark all the good things that a wife does, not stinging compliments, positive evaluations, praise, maybe even a reappraisal. All in the same notebook make a list of what the wife has done over the years of marriage, trying to write as much as possible and make it a rule for yourself to write down the good deeds of your partner with words of gratitude every day.

    Sexology Tips

    • Feel free to talk about your desires or unwillingness in bed. Perhaps you are repelled by excessive activity of the girl, or you are just tired. After all, it is not only you who suffer from your silence.
    • Experiment. In a family relationship routine, sex often becomes one of the household chores. When you come home from work, you habitually dine, watch a movie together, go to bed, and almost fall asleep, you suddenly remember that you must do your marital duty.And so want to sleep! If thinking about how to want a wife does not give the desired result, just relax and sleep. Scheduled sex, like work and kills desire. Change the time or place of meetings, because in your house there is not only a bedroom.
    • Intrigue each other, make pleasant and unexpected surprises to each other.
    • Forget about your wife and mother of your children. Remember that you are a hunter, and a woman being free and independent, and sometimes very windy, and can at any moment get another. Jealousy is sometimes a very powerful stimulator of love and desire, the main thing is not to overdo it.

    If, after many attempts, a man remains indifferent and dissatisfied, then only a sex therapist can help him, and then with a strong desire on his part. Well, if nothing happens after that, then you need to accept the fact that you can’t be forced by love.

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