• How to warm the veranda?

    Almost every private house has a veranda. This is usually an unheated glazed room annex, often used only in summer. In this article we will talk about how to warm the veranda so that it can be used all year round.

    Choosing insulation

    First, decide on the insulation - it can be foam or mineral wool. Each of the options has its advantages and disadvantages, select on the basis of its budget and the characteristics of the room. So, foam plastic is an affordable material, but when it comes into contact with fire, it emits toxic smoke. And when using mineral wool it should be borne in mind that it is afraid of moisture, therefore it is necessary to protect it with vapor barrier.

    Doing the insulation of the walls of the veranda, penofol can be used as an additional insulation material - a high-tech modern material consisting of polyethylene foam coated with aluminum foil. It acts as a heat reflector, and can be used not only in combination with other types of materials, but also independently.

    Which side to warm

    Warming of a verandah can be made both outside, and from within. Whatever method you choose, keep in mind that you will have to completely dismantle the trim, so think carefully about which side it will be easier and more convenient for you to do it. Most importantly, you need to take into account the season: in the winter, outdoor work is not worth it - it is not only inconvenient, but also directly harms the results of work. If you decide to take such a step as to warm the veranda from the inside, then remember that this option "eats" the space. Of course, if you have hollow walls inside (frame type of construction), then you should not face such a problem.

    Floor insulation

    The easiest way is to lay linoleum on a polypropylene lining or carpet on a felt basis. But the most effective, albeit time consuming method is the creation of a double sex. According to this technology, the existing flooring is used as a “rough” one, lags are stuffed into it and insulation is laid, and the floorboard is already laid over it. If at the same time leave a small air gap, then your feet will always be warm on such a coating. Of course, this significantly reduces the height of the ceiling, but when deciding how to warm a cold veranda, do not neglect what is under your feet.

    Wall insulation

    If you have brick walls, you first need to make a crate of transverse wooden bars, cover the wall with penofol, holding the cut sheets together with scotch tape, and lay the insulation mats tightly between the bars. If it is required - to lay an additional paroizoliruyuschy material, or an additional layer of thin insulation. Top sheathe cladding material - it can be lining or drywall for interior decoration, or siding for the exterior.

    Wooden veranda

    Consider how to insulate a wooden veranda, for this you will need:

    • nail puller
    • hammer and nails,
    • roulette
    • pencil,
    • scissors,
    • construction tape,
    • paint and brush.

    Step-by-step instruction

    • Remove the skin boards with a nail catcher. Place a piece of thick cardboard or repeatedly folded paper under the nail puller so that no traces are left. Peel the boards carefully, and number them in order not to be confused when you return them to their place. Remove all nails.
    • Measure with a tape measure insulated area. Cut to size penofol, add a little to bend the bottom and top. Attach the penofol to the wall with adhesive tape.
    • On top of the penofol, place the selected insulation as tightly as possible, without gaps.
    • Fasten the trim back. If you have correctly selected the thickness of the insulation, there should be no problems with the boards - they will easily fall into place.
    • Now you can paint the wall and replace the plinth.

    Now you know how to insulate the veranda. Using the tips of the article, you can create a cozy warm room for the whole family, and thanks to the abundance of natural lighting on the veranda, you can even arrange a winter garden there. We wish you a successful rework!

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