• How to warm up in winter


    Ways to warm up in the winter cold

    Company.Surveyors working at the University of Toronto, conducted a series of scientific experiments and found out that a person, being in social isolation, is experiencing not only mental cold, but also physical. This means that, being on the street in the winter cold with his friends and like-minded people, a person feels warm on a physical level. In other words, it is necessary to spend time in the cold in a circle of close people.

    Eat nuts.As part of the nuts there is a sufficiently large amount of vegetable fat, thanks to which the human body is able to regulate the temperature of its own body. That is why it is so important in the winter time to include in your diet foods that contain fats. So that the cold does not take by surprise, carry nuts with you and eat a handful of these gifts of nature as soon as you feel that you are freezing.

    Embrace.Hugs can warm not only due to the additional heat, they stimulate the production of a hormone called oxytocin.This hormone in our body is responsible for reducing stress and normalizing blood pressure. Especially important is the elimination of stress, because because of it a person freezes more quickly. The thing is that when people are nervous, the blood from the limbs enters the brain to solve a problem that is disturbing. As a result, the limbs remain unheated, which leads to sad consequences - frostbite and hypothermia.

    Motion.When a person freezes, every movement becomes an insurmountable obstacle for him. You need to step over yourself and start moving. Thanks to even the most insignificant loads, the blood begins to circulate much faster, which ensures the heating of the whole organism.

    Hot drinks.Drinking hot drinks in the winter frost also helps to warm up. Alcohol consumption, on the contrary, accelerates freezing.

    Soups in the diet.The benefits of hot soup are clear to everyone. However, it will help not only to warm up in the cold, but also to maintain a slim figure. Include this dish in your daily diet.

    Seasoning.Spiced food is not only very tasty.Seasoning must be added to dishes in the winter time to warm the body.

    Proper breathing.It turns out that you can warm up in winter even with the help of proper breathing. To do this, start slowly inhaling the air with your nose. Thus, you will normalize the nervous system and get used to the frost much faster. There is another effective way: inhaling the air with both nostrils, close one of them and exhale. Do the same with the second nostril. In other words, it is necessary to breathe the nostrils alternately.

    Massage.Extremities freeze first. When freezing palms, you can warm them with a massage. To do this you need a pencil or pen. Holding this object between your palms, start moving them forward and back. Due to such simple movements you will save your hands from freezing.

    Warm clothes.Without a woolen sweater in the winter cold, even the most desperate person will have a hard time. Always dress warmly before going out in the cold. It is advisable to acquire such warm clothes that have a bright color and all sorts of drawings. It is proved that the clothing of bright colors warms much more than any other.

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