• How to wash a sweater?

    A sweater is a very comfortable clothes, which beautifully fits the figure, warm and very wearable. In order for the sweater to last so long that it has remained beautiful for several years, you need to know how to wash the sweater, because it is washing that can ruin its appearance. In order to properly wash it, you need to pick up a detergent, rub it correctly, twist and dry it.

    We select detergent

    Now they produce a lot of laundry detergents, liquid products, which are specifically designed for washing knitwear, wool-bound products and other materials. The main feature of knitted things is their tendency to warp. Simply put, such things are stretched in length, width, when worn on the elbows, at the seams. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary initially to take into account the peculiarities of threads when tying. When deciding how to wash a sweater, it must be borne in mind that when washing, special products are used, which include substances that tighten the fibers of the thread. In addition, these funds include a special silk extract, which, when tightening fibers in one canvas,make them softer. Therefore, it is best to use specialized tools that have the inscription "For products made of wool." The most popular of these today "Dreft". If you could not find such powder, use regular shampoo. It is very suitable when deciding how to wash a wool sweater.

    Washing process

    First you need to pour warm water into a small basin, the threads in a hot water will shrink and the sweater will sit down to three. Warm water is the water temperature of your hand. Then pour or pour detergent there, stir well. And then immerse the sweater and lightly begin to wash it. The most polluted places can be rubbed harder. 10-15 minutes of rinsing-rubbing in soapy water is enough to keep your sweater clean.


    Pour water from the pelvis, do not unscrew the sweater. In this case, the rinsing process is lengthened, but there will be no deformation of the sweater. Pour clean water into the basin, gently rinse the sweater, pour out the water. And so on until the water stays perfectly clean and the fibers of the sweaters stop washing. Then you can put a sweater on the edge of the bathroom to let the water flow from it.As soon as the streams stop flowing from it, you can start drying.

    Drying sweaters

    Studying how to wash a wool sweater, we must understand that drying can transform a thing, and maybe hopelessly spoil it. Dry sweater should be on a flat surface. Put on the table, sofa, floor cover, blanket. Then fold out the sweater as required by the model. If you stretch your sleeves when you wear them, then lay them down as far as possible in width. If on the contrary, the shelves are stretched wide, then pull the wet sweater in length. So the sweater should be dried for at least 12 hours, then turn it over to the other side and dry it. If the cover is wet, replace it when you turn the sweater over.

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