• How to wash the fridge?

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    How to wash the fridge?

    The kitchen is one of the most beloved and desirable places in the family. On it you can not only cook dinner, but also sit comfortably over a cup of tea. Every housewife knows that, as a kitchen, you can add up the impression about her. Wash the refrigerator can bring a lot of trouble and only in the case when its cleanliness is not followed at all. How to wash the fridge and how often it should be done?

    How to wash the fridge: remove dirt

    The refrigerator is never deprived of attention. Everyone who is not lazy, look into him - who for the sake of interest, and someone for something tasty. The handle of the refrigerator gets dirty, and sticky spots appear on it. Inside the refrigerator is also not always the order - the oil will spill, the jam will flow, and sometimes something will get rotten. Well, if the family has small children, then hold on, mistress! At this point, a lot of �refrigerator� will suffer and systematically monitor its cleanliness will be your holy duty.

    You can wipe the outside of the fridge at least every daybut inside it can be washed at least twice a month. First you need to defrost the freezer, and then proceed to the main cleaning, starting washing from top to bottom. How to wash the fridge best? It is perfectly washed with warm water with the addition of baking soda. Well, and the most polluted areas - shelves, doors, drawers, rubber parts and corners - it is better to wipe with a cloth dipped in acetic acid. Then the refrigerator is wiped dry and airs for half an hour.

    In order to return the refrigerator to a fresh white color, it is recommended to wash it with the following composition - some ammonia and tooth powder. Now wet the ordinary newspaper and gently wipe the surface of the refrigerator with it.

    How to wash the fridge: remove the smell

    If the refrigerator is just dirty - this is one problem, but if an unpleasant smell comes from it, then this is a real nuisance. Good housewives know how to wash the fridge. It is necessary to use warm water with the addition of lemon juice. By the way, many citrus and bread crusts are also excellent absorbers of extraneous odors in the refrigerator. Send them to him just a day and unpleasant "aromas" will disappear instantly!

    Modern detergents are also good, but they are all with fragrances, and after washing them the smell will remain in the refrigerator for a long time. But detergents are great antibacterial treatment. And here they just have no prices! Most importantly, do not forget to wash the refrigerator regularly, then no one will call you a careless hostess, and the refrigerator will be a source of freshness and sparkling cleanliness.

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