• How to wash tulle?

    Victoria Dmitrieva
    Victoria Dmitrieva
    February 1, 2013
    How to wash tulle?

    The interior of your apartment always requires constant care and inspection. Beautiful window decorations should create comfort and be radiant. This saturates the house with freshness and clean sunshine. For curtains and curtains this helps washing, and we will tell you how to wash the tulle.

    The pristine whiteness and purity of tulle disappears over time from exposure to sunlight and dust settling in a comfortable fabric texture. If possible, try to shake off the dust from the curtain, it is necessary to do this, as the procedure will remove a large amount of dirt even in dry form.

    How to wash tulle: instructions

    Instructions on how to properly wash tulle are simple.

    • First of all, soak the curtain in warm water with salt. The water temperature is not more than 40 degrees, but better than less, as for bathing a baby. Salt corrodes the eaten dust and softens the water. Soaking time is about 2 hours. Soak tulle can also be in a solution of soda (1 spoon per 10 liters). After the procedure it is necessary to rinse the tulle in warm water.
    • Tulle is a delicate material, so it is necessary to understand well the temperature at which to wash the tulle and what is better to wash with hands. The curtain is also washed in warm water (35-40 degrees) using detergent for delicate washing. Tulle can not be squeezed and twisted. It can be slightly wrung out and let the water flow by itself. After rinsing, it is necessary to wash the tulle in water with the addition of vinegar (1. Tbsp. Spoon per liter of water), this will give shine and elasticity to the canvas. For tulle it is very necessary.
    • After soaking, you can wash the tulle and in the washing machine, in the delicate wash mode. To do this, the curtain must be secured and placed in a protective case (bag or pillowcase).
    • If you prefer extra white color, then the final procedure will be to rinse the tulle in water with blue (the concentration of blue is light-blue water).
    • You allow the maximum amount of water to flow and wet tulle is hung on the eaves. In this state, it dries out and under its weight straightens.

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