• How to wear a corset

    The appearance of the corset and its purpose

    The main task of the corset is to make the figure more feminine and seductive. Therefore, most often the sexual element of the wardrobe is found among the underwear. This corset makes the waist more narrow, lifts and slightly increases the chest. These tricks allow you to quickly and easily arouse a man. Materials and finishes play a special role in this: translucent guipure, chiffon, mesh, various ruffles, bows, ribbons, etc. Such a corset is of little use for wearing over clothing, because has a very frank and defiant appearance.
    Evening and casual corsets look more modest. They are not so tight that allows you to wear them for a longer time. At the same time, the silhouette acquires smooth lines, becomes feminine and very attractive.
    Such corsets can be made of different materials. Denim corsets, thick cotton, suede or combined materials are best for creating a casual look.For an evening out or a date, you should choose a more interesting model, for example, from satin or leather. In this case, it will also be appropriate to finish the rhinestones, beads, contrasting threads, lace, etc.

    How to combine a corset with clothes

    The classic combination is a corset and skirt. The bottom can be of almost any length, but you should wear a mini corset very carefully: the image can turn out to be vulgar. For an everyday set, the effective combination will be a skirt to the floor, a blouse and a cotton or suede corset, which should become the central link. It is important that the remaining elements of the image were extremely concise: a simple cut, monophonic. In this case, the corset can be a spectacular finish, for example, print or embroidery.
    Corsets of dense fabric look great with a narrow pencil skirt and a blouse / shirt. This combination can be used as an office ensemble. Ideally, the skirt and corset will be made of identical material.
    Corset can be worn with pants. It will look especially impressive in a tandem with a wide bottom: the combination will turn out elegant and moderately sexy. For example, pick up a leather corset to flared trousers from chiffon.Modest young ladies should add a translucent top or tank top to their ensemble. Relaxed ladies can wear a corset right on their naked bodies.
    The perfect solution for a variety of spectacular looks is a denim corset. It can be worn with cotton skirts, jeans, tight trousers, long sundresses. Moderately sexy and playful ensemble will turn out, if you wear a denim corset with mini shorts. Adding an open shirt to a cage (over the corset) and gym shoes / heavy boots will help to look less frankly.

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