• How to wear a scarf?

    A shawl is a beautiful element of the female image; it always makes its owner very feminine, attractive, unusual, different from others. In addition, this is the part that can shade clothes and take on the function of a color spot. In short, this is a very necessary thing in the wardrobe of every woman. It is better, when it is a lot of scarfs to choose on mood. Just be sure to know how to wear a scarf.

    Thin head scarf

    On the head you can wear a thin silk scarf in the autumn. To make it look beautiful, learn how to wear a headscarf. To any raincoat, jacket, you can choose a scarf by color. It must be folded with a triangle, put on the head, cross the corners under the chin, lead to the back of the head. If the length of the corners is enough, move them forward and tie them into a small knot. And if the corners are short, then make a knot on the back of the neck. The main condition is that the knot should be small so that it does not feel under the outerwear.

    Pavloposadsky scarf

    A little differently, we must tie the Pavloposad shawls.How to wear such a handkerchief, it is necessary to study very carefully, so that after tying up, not to hide all its beauty. Fold it with a triangle, put it on your head, leave one corner as it is, and wrap the second around the neck, carefully straightening the main canvas with even folds. The angle that you twisted, it is necessary to hide on the neck, in a roll up canvas. It will turn out beautifully hanging corner and densely covered head. Some wear Pavloposad shawls without fixing a moving corner, just throwing it on their backs. It is very beautiful, but not practical, it is quickly untied.

    Shawl to a fur coat

    Fashionable women who wear fluffy fur coats in winter can learn how to wear a scarf with a fur coat. Not all fur coats can pick up a hat so that it looks harmonious. But the scarf fits any fur coat. It can be tied up, hiding the ends inside, like a thin silk scarf. But the angle of the winter scarf is rather thick for such a construction, therefore it is better to use a scheme for tying the Pavloposad shawl. Downy shawls are simply thrown over the head, the corners are left hanging in front, they put on a fur coat, securing it in this way on the head. In general, downy things try not to pull, tying knots.They just cover their heads.

    Neck scarves

    We explained in detail how to wear a scarf in the winter. But no less spectacular scarves and in the spring and summer. These are scarves, which have a huge number of types, sizes, colors. They are made of silk, gas fabric, synthetic thin fabrics. The drawing is printed industrially, they are painted with batik, there are scarves, which are true works of art! Ways how to wear neckerchiefs, as well as a great many. You can fold the scarf with a triangle, and then with a twisting method you can achieve any width of the scarf from the scarf. Apply the middle of the strip to the neck under the chin, wrap the corners on the neck, cross them from behind, and tie them to the decorative knot in front.

    If you fold the scarf with a thin strip, you can tie it on the chest with a tie knot. It looks very impressive if you choose a scarf by color according to the clothes according to the same principles as a tie.

    It is possible to make such a variant of a scarf from a wider folded strip. The middle is placed behind, the corners are drawn forward, we set up the surround, i.e. free, pioneer knot (as on a pioneer tie).The corners must be hidden in the neck of the scarf. Suitable for both open cut and thin turtleneck.

    Decorative items from a scarf

    You can twist a beautiful rope from a thin strip with twisting movements. And then wind it evenly around the neck, tie the corners on a very small knot. It will turn out the real decoration of your image, more resembling a necklace, than a scarf.

    And if you have a gas thin scarf, then fold it into a thin bundle and make 5 simple knots. Two tighten more tightly, the third make it weaker, and the remaining two are also tight. And now you have to hang the weak knot in the center of the chest, tie the corners around your neck. Beads made from a scarf, very beautiful. And original, and jewelry can be saved.

    By the way, take a look, the shops sell very beautiful hairpins for scarves. This is another way to properly wear a scarf around your neck. And you do not need to invent anything, we fold the scarf with a triangle, fasten it with a barrette or brooch, and a unique image is ready! It can be pinned high, if the neckline of the blouse is large, then it can be fixed lower. And you can pin a scarf with a hairpin to the side of the blouse itself.

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