• How to wear earrings?

    It is necessary to pick up earrings for your own image wisely, considering the following factors:
    • (the formula of "contrast": long, narrow earrings will suit a chubby face, and large rounded earrings are recommended for girls with an elongated face);
    • Eye and hair color;
    • Neck length;
    • Type of event;
    • Combination with other accessories.
    How to wear earrings?

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    Today we will learn the secrets of wearing popular earrings: studs (pusets), rings, hanging long earrings and pendants.

    How to wear earrings-carnations

    Carnations are small earrings with a pin lock. Puseta are the first earrings of many ladies whom they met in childhood, piercing their ears.

    Carnations are light, small and comfortable, they do not cling to hair and clothes, do not bother in a dream.

    It is appropriate to wear a stud at any event - both at a social event and at a physics exam. The main thing - to choose the color of the stone, contrasting or combined with the color of clothing, or emphasizing the color of the eyes of the owner.

    How To Wear Hoop Earrings

    A variety of modern models of earrings in the form of rings is amazing. Since these are large accessories, they should be worn correctly so as not to overload the image.

    • Smooth slender gold or silver hoop earrings are suitable for everyday style. They look in combination with a monotonous shirt, top or blouse without large decorative elements.
    • Earrings inlaid with stones attract attention, so you should wear them for dinner at a restaurant, an exhibition or a social event. An exquisite image with such chic accessories will make a plain cocktail dress and a beautiful, gem-adorned clutch or bracelet.
    • Products in ethnic style with stones, pendants and ornaments are worn with appropriate clothing: with spacious tunics, floor skirts, soft cardigans.
    How to wear earrings?

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    How to wear long earrings

    • Long hanging earrings are an attribute of informal meetings or evening events, therefore it is inappropriate to wear them at a business meeting.
    • Narrow long earrings look for girls with a long neck and delineated chins, the rest is better to pay attention to the pendants or pusety.
    • Long earrings are suitable for romantic, airy, light dresses or tunics.Low-profile options are suitable for everyday wear in combination with a turtleneck or blouse.

    How to wear earrings-pendants

    This category of earrings offers women a wide choice of shapes, colors and styles. Pearl droplets, solemn diamond pendants, eye-catching jewelry - each will find the perfect solution for your image.

    When creating an image, take into account the compatibility of earrings with other accessories, otherwise the image will turn out to be sloppy. For gold earrings, choose gold-plated accessories, for silver - metal.

    Earrings look in combination with a high hairstyle that will not hide their magnificence. Brunettes are recommended light shades of stones framed in platinum or white gold. Blondes will make brighter pendants with stones of saturated colors.

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