• How to win checkers?

    Kira Dobrovolskaya
    Kira Dobrovolskaya
    January 25, 2013
    How to win checkers?

    Checkers is an intellectual game that uses a game board and checkers. This is a very interesting and entertaining game, it develops logic. Many people can play checkers and think they can do it well. Maybe it is so. But to play well, you need not just know the rules.

    Yes, you need to know the rules to win. But to win constantly, we need considerable skills, tricks and a lot of practice.

    We offer you some tips on how to win checkers.

    • To begin with, no matter how ridiculous it may sound, you need to stop stubbornly wanting to win. It would seem that this is a stupid statement, since the ultimate goal of the game is victory. But, nevertheless, a strong emphasis on victory may be worth the loss, because when concentrating on a victory, absent-mindedness involuntarily appears, and this is unacceptable in this game.
    • It is a little absurd, but everyone knows that in order to be able to win, you need to be able and lose. Before you win, you need to lose a hundred games. No need to write down how many times you lost, you will feel when you cross this line.But you need to lose not just like that, but with valuable experience for the future and knowledge of how to win checkers

    Useful tips

    How to quickly win checkers, they know the most experienced players. But beginners and more inexperienced should not hurry. After all, haste - the main enemy of victory in checkers.

    • During the game, you should have a goal: reach as quickly as you can and do not let your opponent do it. After all, the lady is a very powerful figure in checkers. Its strength lies in the fact that it can move in any direction (without breaking the line, of course) and "eat" enemies at different distances. When the lady appears, it is just the beginning of the “height” of the game.
    • We must try to make sure that there are more of our own drafts than the opponent’s drafts. Of course, this will give you more chances and opportunities to win.
    • Try to occupy the center squares of your field with your checkers. Because the checker, which stands "near the side", has less power than the checker, which stands in the center.
    • Think over your actions in advance. The deeper your considerations, the more likely you are to beat the enemy.
    • Checkers players probably heard that in the initial position there can be 7 moves. But it is not.Do not lose the first two moves with white 1.c3-b4 and 1.c3-d4. Few people know this. So memorize these combinations to know how to win checkers.

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