• How to win in tic-tac-toe?

    Vladimir Doneshko
    Vladimir Doneshko
    August 13, 2012
    How to win in tic-tac-toe?

    Any intellectual game not only contributes to the development of thinking, it also provides an opportunity to experience the excitement and joy of victory. Even at first glance, this simple and well-known game of tic-tac-toe from childhood. Some even in adulthood continue to get involved in this game. On crosses - toes, which are played on a 15x15 board and called Gomoku, even international tournaments are held. To understand the patterns of the game, it is first necessary to consider the simplest variant on the 3x3 cell field. The player who has built three pieces in a row on any line wins in this variation.

    Victory algorithm

    In order to learn how to win or, at least, not to play in crosses - toe, you need to stock up on attention and ... patience. In the absence of errors from one side or another, the game will end in a draw indefinitely. The main principle that determines how to win in crosses - zeroes, is to create a situation in which, after any opponent’s turn, a player will fill in one of two lines,that is, put three crosses or three zeroes in a row. An example of such a situation is shown in diagram 1.


    Scheme №1 (Crosses win in any course of zeroes).


    Consider a variant of the game when winning the player who goes first is desirable. In this case, the most expedient is to occupy the center. In case the opponent puts a zero in any corner, as indicated in Diagram 2, the next move is placed in the opposite corner, after which a victory or a draw is secured. If the opponent puts a zero in the middle of the line, it remains to parry before a draw. If the opponent starts the game and puts a zero in the center, then the most reasonable way is to reduce the game into a draw, naturally, to put your cross in the corner of the field.

    Scheme №2

    A reasonable question would be how to win in the crosses - tac-toe, if the opponent starts the game, putting a zero in the middle of one of the side lines. In this case, you can not put your cross in the cells marked with exclamation marks on the diagram №3. In this case, the opponent on the next move will take one of the corners next to his zero, and then the center. As a result, the cross will be the loser. Optimal in this case to take center.Then you can either win or reduce the game to a draw.

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    Scheme # 3 (Crossing up marked cells leads to loss)

    Having understood the tactics, you can try to play the option of crosses of zeroes 5x5 on an infinite field. This requires only a tetrad sheet in a cage and a pen. The task of the game is to build a line of 5 figures. The tactics of the crosses will be to build forks, and the toe will be forced to block attacks, that is, to cut lines from 3 crosses and block the forks.

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