• How to properly wipe the laptop and monitor at the computer?

    The computer is firmly established in the daily life of a person - with its help, you can learn news, communicate with relatives and, of course, work. Over time, you will notice that dust, dirt and greasy marks appear on the screen of the electronic device, which significantly degrade the perception of the image. Ultimately, a blurry and poor-quality image may affect vision, so you should not wait for its deterioration, and instead regularly clean the screen of your unit.

    How to clean?

    Of course, it is best to clean the dust from not only the display, because sooner or later any component of the computer may suffer from the effects of dust. However, it turned out that the monitor is the first to take the blow of pollution, giving the computer a sloppy look. In order for the technician to serve as long as possible, it is necessary to know exactly how to wipe the computer screen.

    Cleaning the surface is not recommended too often, as the protective coating of the laptop may not always be resistant to frequent mechanical stress.It is more efficient to clean it as dirt accumulates (about once a month), and a few dust particles can simply be removed with a piece of microfiber cloth. More frequent care will be needed if food is constantly eaten near the computer - in this mode, cleaning should be done every one to two weeks.

    To reduce the number of cleanups you need to be more careful with your gadgets. To keep your computer from becoming dirty quickly, you should follow these guidelines:

    • Do not put food or drinks too close to your laptop;
    • no need to wipe the spray with your fingers;
    • should purchase a special protective film, created specifically for monitors with touch controls;
    • Do not allow children and pets to the display;
    • fresh contaminants must be removed immediately, since dried spots are much more difficult to remove;
    • dust will be properly removed regularly, since it is characteristic of the attraction of a static charge.

    How and what to wipe the monitor?

    Keeping the computer device clean at home will be aided by various methods. First of all, you should know how not to clean a laptop:

    • do not use alcohol or alcohol wipes, as this may lead to the dissolution of the antiglare film;
    • in no case should not use household household chemicals for dishes or windows;
    • it is better to refuse the use of napkins or paper towels - they contain sharp wooden particles that can scratch the plane;
    • You should not use cosmetic wipes designed for hygiene, since their composition is absolutely not suitable for equipment, in addition, after the application may remain unpleasant stains;
    • Any abrasive products are prohibited.

    If you need to clean the screen, and the necessary tools are not available at hand, the best way out is to temporarily leave everything as it is, so as not to cause harm to the device. Before cleaning, you need to make sure that the unit is not connected to the network, and then follow these recommendations:

    1. Best suited for cleaning a lint free cloth.
    2. Wipe the monitor smoothly, without pressing on the plane.
    3. Do not spray special cleaning sprays directly on the screen, so as not to allow them to seep inside.
    4. It is not recommended to remove nail contamination: if they are not cleaned off on the first attempt, it is best to take another one.
    5. During cleaning the monitor must be held to prevent its accidental tipping over.
    6. In the corners of the monitor, cotton swabs or a toothpick wrapped in cloth can help protect against dust.
    7. Turn on the device only after it dries completely.

    For high-quality care for the surface of laptops using cleansers and traditional methods. Among the cleansing agents have the greatest efficiency:

    • Wet wipes created for monitors;
    • kits consisting of dry and wet wipes;
    • sprays with a cloth cloth;
    • microfiber fabrics.

    Wet varieties are the best option, because they cope with almost all the pollution and at the same time suitable for any electronic devices. In addition, they perfectly relieve static tension.

    Kits with dry cloths allow you to additionally remove residual moisture from the devices and do not leave streaks. Microfiber is used to effectively collect dust, as well as quickly remove greasy traces, and sprays - to eliminate stains.It is recommended to use different types of sprays not on the device itself, but on the fabric, which later needs to be wiped off the computer.

    If the screen needs urgent cleaning, and there are no special means, you can wipe it with a damp cloth without lint, moistened with water, and then wipe dry with a microfiber cloth. This method is very affordable and does not require costs, but it does not provide antistatic protection.

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