• How to woo?

    To date, the ritual of matchmaking is very simplified, if we consider the past. Now, more often than not, the groom takes with him not the matchmakers, that is, his closest friends, namely the parents, thereby killing two birds with one stone. And the matchmaking took place and the acquaintance of the parents. But at the same time there are some difficulties and questions about how to behave in such a situation. Therefore, in this article we will talk in detail about how to woo, taking into account all the requirements of modernity.

    Rules of conduct for the groom on the matchmaker

    For a start, we note that the behavior of the groom plays a huge role for the parents of the bride, because on this basis, they draw conclusions about who they give their beloved daughter to. Despite the fact that parents, most likely, will not forbid their daughter to marry a certain guy, but they can always spoil the marriage. In addition, most guys are so frightened by the phrase “we are going to woo”, that they withdraw into themselves and make huge mistakes in this process. So, we note the main criteria for the behavior of the groom in front of the bride's parents:

    • The groom is obliged to hand the flowers to both the bride and her mother.And these two bouquets should differ from each other. The bride can give a bouquet of roses, well, and her mother a bouquet of different flowers, but so that he looked gentle and dim.
    • The groom should greet the parents not laughing, but at the same time, smiling, expressing the joy of this meeting. Then introduce your parents.
    • The groom does not have to constantly talk, it is best to answer the questions of parents and you can add a little humor, but only relevant.
    • In no case should the groom talk about how he spends time with their daughter and point out her shortcomings, otherwise this would be regarded as a stone in the garden of the parents.
    • The groom does not have to constantly talk about how he loves the bride, and praise her, otherwise it will look like flattery.

    Parenthood Rules for Matchmaking

    Despite the fact that parents are well aware of how to go for marriage, since they themselves have once been at such an event and, possibly, more than once, anxiety is always present. This is not surprising, because times are changing, and many parents are so trying to look better than the parents of the bride, they also make a mistake by mistake.So, we will provide rules for the behavior of the groom's parents during this process:

    • Parents do not have to talk a lot and continuously laugh, otherwise it will embarrass everyone else.
    • They should also bring something to the table. And to hand this food when meeting in the corridor. Since the treats are pleasant everywhere and always.
    • Speaking about how to get married, it is worth mentioning that they should not, to praise their son, as in this case, the parents of the bride, will begin to do the same.
    • They must show that they approve of the choice of their son, which will allow them to enlist the sympathy of the bride's parents, but at the same time not miss the opportunity to say that they have a reliable son and they completely trust him.

    So, now you know how to go for marriage, do not forget to mention the basic rules to your parents. And you should not learn something, you need to behave according to the etiquette of behavior at a party and then everything will be in order. This is an ancient ritual, its observance guarantees the happiness of a poor family, the well-being of the union. Therefore, it is necessary to adhere to it and follow the rules.

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