• How to write a review about yourself?

    Angelina Vivcharenko
    Angelina Vivcharenko
    July 25, 2014
    How to write a review about yourself?

    We all found ourselves more than once in a situation where we had to praise ourselves, so much so as not to overplay it, and also in writing. When writing a review about yourself, you should follow a few simple rules that will help you prioritize correctly, highlight your key qualities and skills and describe them, showing your best side.

    Types of reviews

    First of all it is necessary to determine to whom the review is addressed. Recommendations may be needed in the following cases:


    A letter of recommendation contains personal information (name, age), information about education (secondary, higher, secondary special), and a description of skills and abilities.

    Describe your positive qualities: never be late - punctuality, do not be angry with the person who spilled coffee on your shirt - stress tolerance, you can safely stand in line at the clinic - focus on results and high performance.

    It will be important to indicate the presence of certificates (linguistic, qualification), information about the knowledge and degree of proficiency in foreign languages.The skills of writing business letters, negotiation, translation experience, sales or administration will be only a plus.

    Preparation of a report on industrial or educational practice

    The report should include information on the dates and place of training and work experience. The following describes the tasks and responsibilities assigned to you. In the end, you should write that you have successfully completed the assignments, proved yourself as a responsible and disciplined student / employee, were able to join the team in a short period of time and work for the benefit of the company.

    Applying for a scholarship or grant

    When applying for a grant, you should indicate not only personal information (name, place of study), but also describe in detail the achievements over the entire period of training activities (participation in conferences, events, publications in collections of scientific articles). Here you should also write about personal qualities that form the image of a successful student / schoolchild: discipline, responsibility, independence, sense of duty.

    Scope of review

    The volume of a review or a letter of recommendation usually does not exceed 1-2 pages.It should be remembered that key information should be placed in the beginning or in the middle - this will increase the chances of a review being appreciated.

    Do not overdo the main thing: a good review should describe a real person, because the “ideal” does not always mean “the best”.

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