• How to write an essay on the exam in social science in 2015

    How to write an essay on the exam in social science in 2015How to prepare for the exam in social studies you can find here, but often when preparing and passing the exam in social studies, many students have difficulty in performing the most difficult part of this exam - writing an essay on the proposed statements. In order to accomplish this task and get a high score, you need to carefully understand what an “essay” is and how to write it correctly. An essay on social studies is a small essay that needs to be written from the 6 proposed statements of famous philosophers, scientists, essays, etc. . Themes of essays on social studies at the Unified State Examination of 2015 will be on the following subjects:

    • Philosophy
    • Social Psychology
    • Economy
    • Sociology
    • Jurisprudence
    • Political science

    Here are some quotes that can be offered for writing an essay: “Man is unthinkable outside of society” - L. Tolstoy, “Cognition and life are inseparable” - L.Feuchtwanger, “Personality is a person as a carrier of consciousness” - K.К. Platonov, “Who has the least desire, the least need” —Publiy Sire.

    How to write an essay on the exam in social science in 2015

    Criteria for evaluating the essay on social studies

    Before embarking on an algorithm for writing an essay, it is necessary to clarify the evaluation criteria in order to most correctly and correctly draw up a plan for working on an essay.

    So, the assessment of the written essay on the Unified State Exam according to social studies is carried out according to three criteria: K1, K2 and K3.

    • Criterion K1 - assessment of the completeness of disclosure of the meaning of the proposed statement. Maximum ball - 1
    • Criterion K2 is estimated by the level and nature of the theoretical argumentation of the topic covered. The essence of the topic should be fully disclosed and argued by theoretical arguments. Maximum ball -2
    • Criterion K3 is a criterion for the quality of the arguments presented: based on facts and examples from various sources (media, academic subjects and personal experience). There should be at least two such examples. Maximum ball - 2

    Essay on natural science. Algorithm of writing 

    1. Select a quote to open
    2. The essence of the problem expressed by the author and its relevance in modern conditions
    3. Personal vision of the problem
    4. Theoretical argumentation of the problem (there must be at least two weighty arguments)
    5. Conclusion

    How to write an essay on the exam in social science in 2015

    How to write an essay on natural science. Helpful Tips

    • When choosing a topic for an essay on natural science, you must be sure that you have basic basic concepts in a chosen field of science and have a clear understanding of the essence of the problem, as well as be able to express your own view of the problem in writing, confirming it reasonably

    Remember: Error on selection of topics will doom to failure and loss of balls on the exam

    • To formulate the main essence of the problem, its relevance and argue your own view of the problem, use the cliche - link words (table – pic.3)
    • The final part of the essay must be sure to go back to the basic formulation of the statements on this basis to draw a conclusion
    • Essays should have a clear structure, and each argument, the argument and the idea must begin with a paragraph

    To the note: frequent repetition of the words of the author lowers the mark for the essay.

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