• How to write him a text message?

    Yana Ryabtseva
    Yana Ryabtseva
    September 19, 2014
    How to write him a text message?

    Surely, many girls are faced with a situation in which, after a date, there is a slight understatement and a desire to continue communication. Thanks to modern technology today, this can be done via SMS messages, which is certainly very convenient if a girl is embarrassed to call a young person herself. How to decide to write to a young man first, detailed in our article - How to write first. Read more about how to write him a text message.

    What can a guy write in SMS after the first date?

    Successfully posed question is the best option to start SMS communication. With the help of the right question, you will hint a guy about your interest in him, but at the same time do not create the impression of an obsessive person.

    Criteria correctly questions

    • The question should be simple and concise;
    • The question must be posed in such a way that it is necessary to give a detailed answer to it;
    • The question should be direct.

    Feel free to be funny and original.Write him a text message in which there will be a witty joke, interesting observation or funny news. In the process of correspondence, tell the guy about your hobbies or, for example, what are you going to do on the weekend. It is possible that you will find common interests. Be fun and positive - men like it.

    In the process of correspondence do not forget about the main female weapon - coquetry. Flirting in messages will demonstrate to a young man that he is not indifferent to you. Here the main thing is not to overdo it. Tease him a little and use winking emoticons.

    More interesting options for correspondence with the guy can be found in our articles - What to write to the guy and What to write to the nice guy.

    What to write favorite?

    Answering the question: “What should a man write in SMS?”, It is worth starting with a message. Your beloved will certainly like it if the message from you begins with affectionate “beloved”, “dear” or even “desired”.

    If your lover is far away, write about how much you miss and that you miss his caress. Romantic sms guy may contain a short story about how you dream of his tender hugs, kisses, touches.

    Beloved guy, being already in fairly close relations with him, you can write about their sexual fantasies. Surely any young man will be pleasantly surprised by the post of light erotic content.

    Among the universal romantic messages can be distinguished “Good morning, beloved”, “sweet dreams, cat”, “wake up, sunshine”, etc.

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