• I learned that he has another one in another city. I don�t want to leave, but I can�t hear how he writes to her

    He probably does not love me already, but he does not let go, what should I do? Who was in such a situation? please answer!
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    You correctly noted that once your young man had a different one, then most likely he no longer has any feelings for him. And he does not let go because he is so comfortable. Are you comfortable? To be essentially a toy, so for fun. And why do you not want to part with it? So love? It�s nice to love, of course, but besides others, you have to love yourself a little more. And respect. And if you do not respect yourself, and this situation confirms this, then he will not respect you either. Sooner or later he will leave anyway, not to this so to the other.Or it will keep you near yourself, some like to have a devotee to death near you (increases self-esteem). Therefore, if you can not hear about a rival, do not listen. Believe me, having solved this problem now you will avoid more global ones in the future and you will surely meet a good person who will appreciate you.

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