• If others look at your wife or girl, what to do

    How to make others not to stare at your girlfriend



    You can not tolerate when men look at your wife as if they have a chance to twist with her? On this topic should talk, as some men are very annoying! An interesting site will tell you what to do if others look at your wife. With this it is possible and necessary to fight in civilized ways. In most cases, this helps and allows you to resolve the situation before the emergence of a conflict, which you will later regret. So, more to the point.



    Your actions, if you look at the wife of others



    1. Learn to control your excessive jealousy and ownership. If you let these feelings take possession of you, you will only show that you do not trust her, and that you do not have a single drop of self-respect.
    2. Get your wife permission to act on her behalf. If she does not see the problem in this situation, then maybe it really is not.Moreover, if she likes being paid attention to her appearance, your intervention will be perceived negatively. (Think whether you appreciate her beauty enough and if you pay enough attention to her?)
    3. Show that you are her man; she married you, not them. If you see a man looking at her, take her hand, hug her, etc., to show that she is married to you, and that you are not just friends.
    1. Let the other guy know that you see how he looks at your wife. If you are sitting in a restaurant, for example, look closely at the guy staring at your wife, show him that you do not like it. If it does not work, politely ask the impudent to stop looking at your wife. Tell him that this is your wife and that you would be very grateful if he would show respect to you. Most decent people, in this case, stop peering at other people's wives.
    2. Be proud of it. Remind yourself that she chose you, that she married you because she loves you. Regard the gaze of other men as a compliment to her beauty and think about how lucky you are. If this woman is so beautifulthat other men cannot take their eyes off her, and you are the person with whom she is going home, straighten up, look down on them and smirk smugly. This is a real chance to draw!



    Tips for what to do



    1. When you go somewhere, do not ask your wife to cover everything that is possible. Do not forbid her to show her beauty. If she is dressed too openly or dissolutely, let her know that her appearance attracts the looks of other men and that you do not like it very much.
    2. If you know that the attention of other men is unpleasant to your wife, stand up so as to block her whole appearance to these socially inferior individuals.



    Warnings What Better Not to Do



    1. If you come up to another guy and ask him not to look at your wife, and he will not obey you, leave him. Do not insult him and do not freak out. By your aggressive behavior, you will only piss off this person, which can lead to very undesirable consequences, which you yourself will later regret. But if you have no patience, then you know what needs to be done ...
    2. Remember, if you place too much emphasis on banalities like this, you yourself will look weak, limited and pitiful.If you have a decent wife (and we believe that she is such, since you married her), she knows how to behave so that you are happy.

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