• If you are tired of the Scandinavian style: 4 fashion directions

    Designers offer to go beyond the usual and look at new ideas.

    Over the past ten years, the Scandinavian style has firmly entered our lives. And many really loved him. Perhaps the Russian consumer praised him for simplicity, economy, mobility and ease. He fits perfectly when he was a small apartment, especially against the backdrop of the economic crisis. To others, this style is pretty tired, I want to change something already.

    Styles in the interior
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    For those who have already lived in Scandinavian minimalism, or simply looking for something new, you can find other interesting directions. It’s very difficult to figure it out, so they will help us.architects-designers and founders of design studio RUDesignAnna SalYamova and Victoria Lukina.

    They offer original solutions for an ideal living environment that fit today's realities very well.

    Mid century Modern style

    Anna Salyamova, Architect Designer
    Anna Salyamova

    - As a direction in design, the style of Mid Century Modern arose after the end of the Second World War. Now, Mid Century Modern owes its return to the incredibly popular television series Mad Men (Mad Men), which brightly presents the interiors of the 60s with their impeccable style and bright colors. They are inspired not only by interior designers, but also by directors, artists and fashion designers around the world. Now, in an era of economic crisis, I want not so much luxury as security, comfort and comfort, just as in the postwar years when this style arose.

    Styles in the interior
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    Features modern interiors, decorated in the style of the Mid century Modern

    The main feature of this style is the predominance of functionality over decoration, the use of simple and strict forms, open volumes, bright accents, comfortable and beautiful interior items. Consider in more detail.

    · Layout must be open

    Such a popular free layout today is due to the style of Mid Century Modern. The combined multifunctional space, which is divided by light mobile screens or partitions or is completely zoned only by decorating techniques.

    · Bright colors

    The color palette is filled with natural colors - beige, white, gray, sand and brown shades. But the interior in the style of Mid Century Modern is not devoid of accents in the form of bright colors, abstract motifs in textiles, wallpaper and other interior items. In fact, in such an interior as an accent one can choose any bright saturated color that you like.

    Styles in the interior
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    · Lighting

    But the lamps should be given special attention. It can be said that in this matter Mid Century Modern is a little at odds with its basic idea and gives way to decorativeness, because real art objects are often used as lamps. Room lighting is diverse and multifunctional. Here there are side and local lighting, floor lamps and table lamps.

    · Furniture, which became a legend

    In fact, we are familiar with this furniture from the urban interiors of the Soviet era. Furniture on high legs of simple forms, multifunctionality of individual representatives of the furniture industry, the use of modern materials are all features characteristic of the furniture of this style. It is the furniture in the style of Mid Century Modern that gave us a great abundance of legendary and world-famous pieces of furniture and decor.

    · Graphic patterns

    Geometric or modernist patterns, prints or ironic stylizations of the pop-art movement are the main tools for creating a unique interior. But here we must remember the golden rule - everything is good in moderation.

    Styles in the interior
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    Designer Tips

    · Let in as much sunlight as possible into the interior: Roman curtains and thin single-layer translucent curtains are suitable for this.

    · As accents, you can use bright textiles in the form of furniture upholstery or cushions of pure colors: red, yellow, blue, etc.

    · Build an open bar in the living room. The exhibition of beautiful bottles and vintage glasses will allow you to plunge into the era of the 50−60-ies.

    · Pay attention to the lamps: these can be lamps of the most unusual forms, because their main purpose is to attract attention and be visible from anywhere in the room.

    Industrial style

    Victoria Lukina, Architect Designer
    Victoria Lukina

    - The style originated in America of the twentieth century, when many factories moved their production to the periphery of Manhattan due to a sharp increase in land prices. Industrial premises were sold for almost nothing and were reequipped by new owners into residential loft apartments (Loft - “attic”).The peculiar chic of gray concrete and brick, huge spaces, metal fittings, bare walls and ceilings and relatively insignificant expenses for interior decoration led to a rapid increase in the popularity of this trend. Nowadays, it is also relevant and popular.

    Styles in the interior
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    Features of modern interiors decorated in industrial style

    Functionality, democracy, conciseness in details, open spaces, large windows and pillars, brick or concrete walls, and high ceilings without decoration characterize the industrial style. To show all that is customary to hide is the honesty of this trend. In view of the wiring, pipes, fittings and beams, the walls are without finishing, rust is not hidden, and old things are not discarded.

    · Open space

    The space of the room is one and only zoned with pieces of furniture, decor and lighting. There is no division into rooms.

    · Color spectrum

    The palette of industrial style is a natural color and texture of building materials, such as concrete, brick, metal. The typical colors of the factory premises are used - gray, white, red, beige, black, khaki, dirty blue.Allowed in a small amount of color accents.

    Styles in the interior
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    · Materials and finishes

    The rough texture of the walls, raw brick, aged metal with rust elements are authentic materials of industrial style. Floors can be left concrete, but the use of self-leveling floors, ceramic tiles, artificial or natural stone is allowed. The walls are left intact. It is interesting to look at the interior painting of bricks, plating plywood, metal or wood panels. Ceilings are usually whitened or painted.

    · Lighting

    Industrial style requires a serious approach to artificial lighting. It is important to illuminate each functional area of ​​large space. Chandeliers, ceiling, wall, floor lamps - for this style is characterized by a variety of lighting devices. Both authentic industrial lighting devices and stylized industrial industrial analogues are used.

    Styles in the interior
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    · Furniture

    The basis should be made up of the most ascetic furniture: a wooden table on metal legs, massive bollards with metal fittings.Perhaps the use of modern lines of furniture without excessive decor.

    · Decor

    The concept of industrial style is closely related to minimalism, so the decor should be a bit. It can be graffiti on the walls, huge posters in the style of pop art, a few large paintings and a couple of sculptures.

    Designer Tips

    · It is necessary to pay attention to the lighting. During the day the room is filled with natural light through the large windows, but in the evening it can be gloomy. Large chandeliers and lamps (wall or floor) should be installed in each zone. Also use spot lighting and do not forget to highlight work areas.

    · The idea of ​​using the same color throughout the whole interior will be very successful, but just lay it out in different shades and use for everything - the walls are lighter, the floor is slightly darker, the furniture is even slightly brighter, and in the decor combine different shades with each other

    · Live plants in tubs or flowers of fruit-bearing bushes will enliven your room.

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