• Interesting facts about wristwatches: I bet you did not know this?

    Even in the era of smartphones, wrist watches do not remain in the second roles in our personal collection of accessories. Shall we check the clock? It's time to learn more about them!

    The first hours appeared among the Sumerians and ancient Egyptians

    And it was a sundial. A shadow falling from a pole stuck into the sand or earth, crossing the drawn circle - the prototype of the dial, indicated the time of the day. Such hours humanity used from the III millennium BC. er

    Pocket watches became known in the 15th century

    And they called them "Nuremberg eggs". Firstly, because they were invented by Peter Henlein, a master watchmaker from the German city of Nuremberg, tentatively in 1503, reducing the table clock. Secondly, because Henlein's watches had a rounded shape, like a modern can of canned fish. The mechanism was placed in a brass case, and only one hand, a watch hand, walked on the dial. The minute hand appeared later, in the middle of the XVI century, and the second - in the middle of the XVIIIth.

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