• Interesting films about humanity: what to see?

    The themes of humanity, the problems of our time, current world issues and the planet Earth as one world are widely popular in cinema. Many modern paintings about this exciting and philosophical, suggestive of different thoughts. After seeing many of them, you begin to look at yourself and the world around us differently. If you are interested in such films, we offer a selection of interesting films to choose from.

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    This movie is an incredibly beautiful, silent and philosophical journey through different places of the planet. In an hour and a half, you will see 25 countries located on 5 continents, visit the office and factory, visit sacred lands, natural treasuries and natural disasters, look into the eyes of dozens of people of different ages and nationalities. This is one of those films that is worth watching for many. You will enjoy the beauty of the picture, and perhaps not one thought for wise reflection.

    The decline of civilization

    The decline of civilization can be attributed to the field of cinema about the apocalypse.The idea of ​​this film is death from aliens from space. The main character, Peter, always sees the same dream, where unknown aliens, who possess enormous power and technology, attack earthlings. Dreams are becoming increasingly annoying, so a man visits a sleep clinic. It turns out that not only he sees such dreams alone. One day comes the fateful day when the dream begins to come true. How to escape?

    Meeting point

    The heroes of the film are nine different people who meet in the same cafe with a mysterious stranger. Each of them hopes that he will fulfill their innermost desires. But each desire has its price - the execution of a particular task. Tasks are strange, sometimes shocking, but the fulfillment of each is a sure guarantee for the fulfillment of desire. Each hero must make his choice.

    Black mirror (18+)

    The black mirror is a series dedicated to the relationship between the modern world and technology. In a short time, we got used to a lot of gadgets and advanced equipment in our homes, and technical progress has not yet slowed down. How do these technologies affect living people, their relationships with the real world? The series features topical perspectives of the 21st century.

    Lovely green

    This movie is a return to a natural abode.The fantastic picture tells about the woman Mila, who arrived on our beautiful Earth from another planet, where harmonious and close to nature life reigns. On Earth, Mila meets different people and falls into different stories, learning the modern technical world. But a woman has a magical ability: she can "turn off" people from their modern world, after which they return to their natural essence and behave naturally.

    Human - Man (Extended version) 1,2,3 (18+)

    Three films united by one idea: the answer to the question of what makes us human. Here are collected stories of 2 thousand people from 60 countries of the world. Professional translators, cameramen and journalists took part in the work on the film. The film covers topics that are important for all of humanity: the fight against poverty, homophobia, war, love and the future of the planet.

    Earthlings (18+)

    The film is dedicated to animal abuse. Shocking and brutal shots demonstrate the real facts. Earthlings will talk about how humans and their needs affect animals, show harm to global fisheries and livestock.

    Cloud Atlas

    Fantastic film about six stories - five reincarnations in different eras, which are closely linked.A long, temporary thread subtly but firmly connects the destinies of different people who will meet with each other after death.

    What films would you like to list this? Share your impressions and thoughts in the comments!

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