• Is halvah lactating?

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    Is halvah lactating?

    With a deliberate and well-planned approach, the diet of a nursing mother may differ in nothing from the usual mode and composition of nutrition that the woman followed before pregnancy and childbirth. The most important thing is moderation! You can eat everything, but within reasonable limits. You do not think that eating only macaroni, potatoes and oatmeal, you can feed a healthy child with the breast and at the same time remain the most beautiful, energetic and full of strength? A baby with breast milk takes a lot of nutrients from you. And sticking to a strict diet, you can hurt yourself and your baby.

    Therefore, the question of nutrition during pregnancy and lactation has always been difficult. What is more, what should be limited, and what should be discarded? This issue should be considered in relation to each food product. Today we will talk about whether halvah nursing.

    Why not? Halva is an energetically valuable and high-calorie natural product that can improve the taste and nutritional properties of breast milk, increasing its fat content.However, if before pregnancy and childbirth you did not eat halva often and with pleasure, then you should not try to taste it now.

    Like all new foods, halva must be introduced into your diet gradually. Eat a small piece, see how your body reacts and how the child behaves. If you really want sweet, preference should be given to halva or dried fruit, and not to run for chocolate, candy or cake.

    Of the many varieties of halva, choose the one that is familiar to us according to the territorial and climatic conditions. Better buy the usual halva from sunflower seeds than sesame, peanut, pistachio, soy or mixed. The most useful - sesame (tahini) and pistachio. In small quantities and with the utmost care, they are worth a try.

    Of course, halvah should be mono-component, without additional additives (nuts, sesame seeds, chocolate and raisins). Be sure to see that in the halva was not honey. Honey and bee products can be strong allergens for the baby. On the day, you can eat 50-100 g of halva in several receptions.

    Can nursing mother halva? Can fresh fruits and vegetables be red? Is it possible to fatty meat and red fish? Try everything a little and find out for yourself what you and your child will like.Have patience and attention. And if suddenly the body of the child reacts poorly to breast milk with a taste of unfamiliar products, then try not to use them anymore during the period of breastfeeding.

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