• Is it possible to get pregnant from an animal?

    Sometimes in my head there are such questions that you dare not ask your loved ones. What if they misunderstand? "Is it possible to get pregnant from an animal?" Just refers to their number. However, many want to know the answer. This answer is very simple - a person cannot get pregnant from an animal, just as an animal cannot get pregnant from a person. In natural conditions, this is not possible.

    The fact is that fertilization occurs at the chromosome level, and each chromosome must consist of pairs of genes of the same functional. Man and animal belong to the type of mammals, but they have completely different DNA structure, chromosome set and biological classification. And all these three components are responsible for the fertilization process. When they do not match fertilization is impossible. Nature in this sense is wise: a woman can become pregnant only from a man, a dog from a dog, a horse from a horse, etc. Even if sexual contact occurs between an animal and a human, in which the seminal fluid of one or the other enters the female's genitals, pregnancy will not occur.There will be a simple rejection of some chromosomes from others.

    In nature, crossbreeding is possible for relatives close in genetics. For example, when crossing a lion and a tiger, a ligger was obtained, and when crossing a donkey and a horse, a mule. Is it possible to get pregnant from the primate, because they are our closest relatives? This is impossible, since the genetic codes for the development of primate and modern man differ greatly, and as a result chromosome rejection will occur, but not fertilization. Such cases may have been in the prehistoric era. Then our ancestors Neanderthals could interbreed with other animals and humanoid.

    The issue of crossing man and animal has long been a concern for humanity, in particular, for scientists. Artificial crosses are performed. For example, known experiments in the UK. Previously, it was forbidden, but certain amendments to the laws allowed scientists to conduct experiments on the crossing of human embryos with animals. These experiments lasted for three years, 155 embryos were grown, containing the genetic material of animals and humans. Many people were against such scientific experiments, because they believed that it discredited the honor and dignity of mankind.However, scientists look at these experiments differently: many believe that such a cross will help create a cure for cancer.

    There were also numerous experiments on the crossing of a man with a monkey. It is possible that they are held to this day. But they became very popular in the late XIX - early XX centuries. Such experiments were conducted by the famous breeder Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov. He believed that the most favorable place for such experiments was Africa. In his opinion, a large number of great apes and illiterate natives lived there, and he was going to offer them seminal fluid to animals. Ilya Ivanovich saw the main goal of such experiments in obtaining new and important information about the origin of a person. But the fact that, in theory, looked brilliant, in practice has caused a large number of difficulties. One of them was associated with the capture of the desired monkeys. They were all wild, lived in the jungle, behaved aggressively and had great power. As a result of their capture, quite a few hunters suffered, who helped the professor, and his son ended up in the hospital. The second difficulty was related to the search for women who would agree to become pregnant by a monkey.African women were not as stupid as the scientist thought. They did not agree to experiment for any money. As a result, he managed to fertilize several female monkeys with human seed. Who has become a sperm donor is kept secret. As a result, the fertilized females began to slowly die, and when they were opened, the pregnancy was not found in any one. The experiment was a failure.

    In any case, even if science experiences difficulties with the crossing of man and animal, then in the natural environment it is all the more impossible. Now to the question: "Can I get pregnant from an animal?" - you know the exact answer: it is impossible.

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