• Can I guess at Christmas?

    Divination for Christmas is a very ancient custom. Many girls with trepidation waited for fortune telling, because they learned the answers to the most exciting questions - whether any boy would marry, play a wedding, get a good house, etc. They were guessing in a variety of ways - from harmless to absolutely frightening and even dangerous.

    However, this ancient custom has opponents. For example, this is what the Orthodox Church says - is it possible to guess at Christmas?

    Christian tradition categorically prohibits any guessing, it is understood as a sin. It is believed that in the process of divination, you somehow cause demons that can harm you yourself.

    There is, however, a point of view explaining such a position of the church. Fortune-tellers and fortunetellers were persecuted, and divination was declared a sinful act in the Old Testament, since the church wanted to get a certain monopoly on knowledge. Thus, it was easier for her to control the minds of the masses, because it was she who was regarded as the ultimate truth - because no one but the Lord can know the future.

    The church is also of the opinion that there is no division of magicians and fortune-tellers into whites and dark ones, everyone is the same sinful and punishable, since they use the services of otherworldly forces. They are waiting for the painful death and lack of rest of the soul, and all this is partly transferred to their "clients". And nothing changes at Christmas, everything remains in its place, so the answer of Orthodoxy to the question of whether it is possible to guess at Christmas was negative.

    However, if you do not consider yourself to be religious people, and want to look into your tomorrow at any cost, we can offer you several options for Christmas divination.

    It must be said that in relation to fortune-telling Russian people were much fiction, almost all household items went to work.

    So, attention, girls - one of the most common Christmas divination for the betrothed not for the faint of heart. You will need a mirror, a towel and a candle (this is the only thing that should illuminate the room). Guessing is better in unsociable premises or in the attic. Sit in front of the mirror in front of which put a candle. Say "contented-mumbled, come to dine with me," then peer into the mirror.To foretell the appearance of the groom should be a slight swaying of the candle and misting of the mirror, then immediately wipe the mirror and you should see your betrothed in it. At the same time, you must immediately say "Chur me!".

    A simple and modern version of divination - take any book, guess the page and line number, its content will somehow determine your destiny.

    In modern conditions it is also possible to easily use divination wax candles. Light it, wait a little, to form the necessary amount of wax and sharply turning the candle over a container with water, engage in an exciting guessing of the silhouette of the resulting figure.

    Here are a couple of examples of Christmas divination. If you are not afraid of the possible effects of evil spirits - read, try, the list of possible ways of divination is very wide!

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