• Can I marry my sister?

    Julia Martynyuk
    Julia Martynyuk
    February 15, 2013
    Can I marry my sister?

    Agree, the topic is very interesting. Many people will be mocked by the question of whether you can marry a sister, or close relatives. But it interests many, and deserves not laughter, but a serious, objective analysis of various aspects of this complex issue.


    Historically, the tradition of marriages between close relatives was widespread in the ruling families of various states of the past. Most often, this was done for the sake of "purity of blood" and the retention of power. But what was accepted by the rulers, the people were strictly prohibited by morality and religion. The moral of the Russian society still does not approve of closely related marriages, but, as always in the case of morality, it is impossible to define clear boundaries: someone calmly treats such marriages, and someone needs a lack of kinship to the seventh generation.


    The family code of the Russian Federation prohibits marriages between close relatives. This means that it is impossible to enter into legal marriage with a sister, it simply will not be issued.At the same time, you can officially marry a cousin - this is allowed. But the impossibility of entering into marriage legally does not at all mean that such relations themselves are prohibited. Simply, it cannot be formalized, but to live together a full-fledged married life by law, of course, is not prohibited.


    From the point of view of biology, marriages between people of close kinship are undesirable because of the similarity of genetic material. After all, the greater the similarity of the genes of both parents, the greater the likelihood that genetic disorders that are not manifested in the parents will manifest in their child. This does not mean that the one who married his sister will definitely have children-freaks. Just a chance for the appearance of chronic diseases in these children more. The question also arises - can you marry a second cousin without any genetic consequences? The answer is simple, you can, if you do not get the views of relatives.

    Summing up, people who decide to start a family with a brother or sister need to seriously prepare for the difficulties arising from this decision. They will have to overcome public opinion, misunderstanding of relatives, run into genetic doctors ... One word, to defend their right to happiness.

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