• Is it possible to wear short shorts with tights or leggings.

    Previously, shorts were exclusively summer model of the female wardrobe and, therefore, were performed, as a rule, from light, lightweight fabrics and worn on a naked body. In this case, some girls were shy to show the legs in this short dress, while others soberly enjoyed it, enjoying the attention from the opposite sex. However, today, shorts have a lot more variations in design and in combining them with other items of clothing - leggings and tights.

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    Today's fashion combines the incompatible. More recently, it was the height of bad taste to wear tights or leggings under shorts, and today it is becoming not only possible, but also very fashionable. However, this outfit is not suitable for every girl, and it is necessary to reasonably and thoughtfully combine these items of women's wardrobe. Never wear light shorts with dark tights and vice versa.The contrast of shades does not fit these two things. Also, do not combine shorts and leggings, if both have some kind of pattern. To choose the color of these elements of the wardrobe you need, of course, not to match the tone, but so that they fit together. For example, light-colored shorts without a pattern will look good with flesh-colored tights, on which a pattern is acceptable.

    The origins of fashion trends

    It is important to remember that such a combination of these items of clothing came from youth fashion, it was the teenagers who began to wear several pieces of clothing one under the other, and this created a modern trend. Therefore, this style of clothing is most suitable for teenagers or young girls who are younger or only slightly older than 20 years. Especially it concerns the combination of color shorts and the same leggings, frilly patterns or tones of clothing, too bold design of products. Nothing of the kind needs to be worn by girls of more mature age, even if they like a similar fashion or they want to appear younger. Looking like an outfit on them would be stupid enough.

    Business and romantic style shorts

    In order to look elegant, feminine and romantic, choose bright colors of tights and shorts.Dark business shorts of strict classic style, sewn from the same fabric from which the trousers are made, are suitable for business style. This outfit can even be worn at work, and it is best to wear it with dark tights of the same shade - gray, brown, black. Business-style short breeches can be worn with vests, jackets, blouses and shirts, they are perfectly combined with belts and scarves. All types of shorts that you wear with pantyhose should not be too tight on the figure, it is better if they sit quite loosely. But leggings for them serious girls better not to wear, it will be regarded as bad taste.

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