• Jennifer Aniston tired of rumors of her pregnancy

    Jennifer Aniston is tired of false rumors about pregnancy and discussion of her figure. The reason for the next wave of news headlines "Aniston is waiting for the baby!" Were the pictures taken by the paparazzi in mid-June during the rest of the 47-year-old star and her fiancée Justin Teru in the Bahamas. On some shots, it is noticeable that the tummy of the actress was slightly rounded, and this fact immediately received an “obvious” interpretation in the press.

    Jennifer Aniston tired of rumors of her pregnancy

    Aniston, outright angry and upset, published an appeal to fans and journalists in the newspaper The Huffington Post. Here is an excerpt from it:

    I repeat, I'm not pregnant. In the end, these conversations are already fed up ... Women are full-fledged and self-sufficient, it does not matter, with or without a partner, with a child or without. We still determine the success and significance of a woman on the basis of her marital and maternal status - if she is not married and childless, then she has not taken place, is she a loser? And ugly to discuss someone else's body.This is a personal matter and the right of each is to decide for herself in what form, with what weight she is better.

    Bravo, Jen, worthy remarks to the "teachers" of life and idle gossip! And about the rounded figure, the actress still told the tabloids that, on vacation, she could not resist the gastronomic temptations and allowed herself to be superfluous, and she did not have a relaxed pace of rest for the workouts.

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