• Jessica Alba became a mother for the third time

    It seems that now we know who on the eve of 2018 managed to beat all other celebrities on Instagram: of course, Jessica Alba. Exactly on December 31st, the 36-year-old actress gave birth to a boy! “Haze Alba Warren. 12/31/17. The best gift that you could dream of in the New Year! Cash and I feel so happy! Heven and Onor are looking forward to the moment when they can get to know their brother, ”Jessica shared her joy with subscribers. Her example was followed by Cash Warren, posting a touching picture of the baby: "Haze, you definitely know how to effectively start the New Year! And although you were born a little earlier than we expected, we are just indescribably happy. Your mother is the strongest woman I know. And you are very lucky that she will be next to you. As, however, and your two wonderful older sisters - Onor and Haven, who already adore you. I promise to love you, and pamper you, and help the realization of all that you will dream of. Welcome to the family! ”- signed Cash.

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