• Kissel is a simple and delicious drink

    There are many delicious dishes, but not all of them are tasty and useful. Desserts are loved by many, but they do not bring any more benefit. But not jelly! It's tasty, and satisfying, and useful at the same time. And how to cook it so that it is delicious?

    What is kissel and how did it appear?

    The taste of jelly is familiar to us from childhood. It is a delicious and sweet drink with a thick and viscous consistency. It is often served in schools, kindergartens and hospitals. And how did the jelly first appear?

    Healing drink

    For a long time in Russia, prepared a hearty and delicious food from oatmeal. And he was given an unusual name - jelly. Homeland of this drink is considered to be Rus. Berries, fruits and other ingredients began to be added later, when the potatoes introduced by Peter I began to spread, and when they learned how to get starch from potatoes.

    From the outset, the drink was prepared on potato starch, also used cereal sourdough. Then began to use cornstarch. Today, berry and fruit drinks are made on potato starch, and dairy - more often on corn.


    Is such a drink useful? Yes, and very much so.Specific beneficial properties will depend on the ingredients used for cooking. Berries and fruits are most often used, and they are almost all rich in various vitamins, essential acids and oils, minerals, as well as macro- and microelements, dietary fibers and fiber.

    Most of the beneficial properties in the preparation of the drink is preserved, so that it is undoubtedly useful. For example, it is necessary to drink jelly for the prevention of avitaminosis and colds, to improve digestion, to protect against various diseases.

    With berries

    There is another important point. Starch has properties that can quench the acidity of the digestive juices, if it is increased (as happens with certain diseases of the digestive system). Getting into the stomach and intestines, the drink literally envelops the mucous membranes and protects them from the effects of acid. So jelly is useful for ulcers and gastritis.

    And it is also very satisfying. No wonder many drinks are used for weight loss. There are not many calories here, but you can forget about hunger for a long time.

    Buy or cook?

    Today in every store you can find ready-made jelly in a briquette. Yes, it is convenient and fast.But is it helpful? Examine the composition of what you buy. If you find no unnecessary or suspicious ingredient in it, you can make a purchase. But such a product is unlikely to be able to find.

    Pleasant taste


    And most often sold powdered jellies, literally “stuffed” with dyes, flavors and other additives. In this case, of course, homemade jelly will be much healthier and tastier.

    How to cook?

    There is nothing difficult in cooking jelly. First choose ingredients. You can cook a delicious drink from jam, from berries, fruits, dried fruits and even from cereals. It is easiest to use juices or syrups, but many people like to feel pieces of fruit.

    Now a few basic stages of cooking:

    1. First you need to prepare a flavor basis. For this, a syrup diluted with water or a compote welded by you, is fine, you can use milk or a decoction on the croup. Add sugar to taste.
    2. The second stage is the preparation of starch basis. Starch should be diluted in cool boiled water (2 tablespoons a glass of water) so that no lumps remain. The amount of ingredients and proportions will depend on the desired density of the drink.So, for an average density per liter of liquid (syrup, compote or milk), take two tablespoons of starch, to increase the viscosity, this amount can be increased to 3-4. Diluting starch is better when the syrup boils, otherwise a precipitate may form.
    3. It is necessary to pour diluted starch neatly, in a thin stream (but not in parts, but simply gradually and continuously). At this time, kissel must constantly interfere.
    4. A long time to boil the drink is not worth it, a couple of minutes will be enough.
    5. The most common jelly served chilled, so it is worth cool drink.


    How to cook a delicious jelly? We offer several recipes.

    Berry jelly

    To make a tasty and healthy berry jelly, prepare the following ingredients:

    • 1 cup of cranberry;
    • 1 cup of cranberries;
    • 1 cup red currant;
    • 1 cup of sugar;
    • 3 liters of water (plus a glass for dilution of starch);
    • 3-4 tablespoons of starch.

    Cooking method:

    1. First prepare the berries. First, sort them out. Bad throw away, remove all the stalks and leaves. Wash everything under running water.
    2. Now put the berries on a sieve and chop with a spoon and your own efforts.Remaining after such manipulations, put the cake in the pan, cover with water.
    3. Put the pot on the fire, bring the liquid to a boil, strain. Discard the remaining cake.
    4. Again, put the pan on the fire, lay in her berry mashed potatoes.
    5. While compote boils, dissolve starch in cool water. Stir thoroughly, no lumps should remain.
    6. When the compote begins to boil, pour a thin stream of diluted starch, stirring constantly.
    7. As soon as the jelly begins to boil, remove it from the fire. Cool the drink and serve.

    Milk Jelly

    Milk jelly has a delicate flavor, such a dessert is like for children and adults. Prepare the following ingredients for cooking:

    • 1 liter of milk;
    • 3 tablespoons of sugar;
    • 3 tablespoons of starch;
    • 1 bag of vanillin.


    1. Pour in some of the milk (namely 3-3.5 cups) in a pan with a thick bottom (so that nothing burns), start boiling it, but until the boil until you finish.
    2. While the milk is boiling, take the rest of it (it should be cold) and dissolve the starch in it. Make sure that there are no lumps left.
    3. When the milk in the saucepan starts to boil, start pouring a thin stream of cold milk with starch.Constantly and vigorously stir everything with a spoon, otherwise the drink will not be homogeneous and tasty.
    4. Continue to boil the jelly over low heat for 2-3 minutes, then turn off the fire.
    5. Add vanillin to the finished drink.
    6. Cool the jelly and serve.

    Oatmeal Kissel

    To make Hercules Kissel, prepare:

    • 1 cup of oatmeal;
    • 3 glasses of water;
    • slice of stale rye bread.

    Cooking method:

    1. Pour oatmeal in a bowl, then pour cold boiled water there. Set the bowl aside for half an hour so that the oatmeal is slightly swollen.
    2. Now, the resulting composition is ground in a blender or mince.
    3. Strain the mass, crush the remaining flakes on the gauze and return to the composition.
    4. All pour into a saucepan (take enameled), do not forget to put a slice of rye bread, it will help to speed up the fermentation process.
    5. Remove the pan for a day.
    6. You will have a leaven that has a viscous consistency. Put the pot in the water bath and heat, but do not bring to a boil.
    7. Ready oatmeal jelly can be filled with sour cream, some add butter or vegetable oil.

    Helpful Tips

    A few tips for gourmets:

    • So that when starch is diluted there are no lumps, pour it into the cold liquid gradually, stir it actively and thoroughly.
    • Thick jelly can be served hot, but not very thick is better to cool.
    • This dessert can be served as an afternoon snack or as a drink at lunch or at breakfast.

    Enjoy the kissel, appreciate its taste and benefits!

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