• Knitted baby cap "Kit"

    Original and beautiful baby caps are always conspicuous. All passers admire them. And such a beautiful hat can be tied up by yourself, and for this you need a little time and patience. For work we need: Yarn for knitting delicate children's clothes Alize Baby Wool. Grey colour. Any non-thick yarn is dark gray, burgundy. The big needle. Needles size 3 or 3.5. So, let's start making a baby cap. The cap goes to a head volume of 90–95 cm. We take knitting needles of size 3 or 3.5. If you want to make a hat closer to the grid, you can take knitting needles and thicker in volume. Recruit needles 100 loops. The hinges do not need to be tightly tightened, and then the cap will then be unyielding and will spin in different directions. After the loops have been cast, we will knit completely one row with the front viscous. If you want the cap not to twist, then you can first tie up five or more rows of elastic with about two loops front, two purl. I wanted the cap to twist and therefore I did not knit the gum. So, knit the first row with the front one, then the second row knit with the purl.At first I did this so that in the future the cap would not twist very highly, since the threads are rather thin, they quickly begin to curl.
    Knitted baby hat Kotik
    Next I completely knitted the whole viscous fabric.
     Knitted baby hat Kotik
    During the mating, do not be intimidated, the cap will begin to curl up quickly, this effect is given by fine threads. Already on the finished product, the edge will not roll down this way.
     Knitted baby cap Kotik
    After you have tied up about 20-21 centimeters, you can finish knit hat. We knit the last row like this: We knit two loops together, and then we turn the resulting one back onto the previous knitting needle, then again we do the same work with the loops. So, we do until we have one loop on the needle. Cut the thread and pass it through the last loop, and tighten it well so that the thread does not slip out. Knitted baby cap Kitty
     Knitted Baby Cat Cap
    Now folds the canvas in half, take a needle into it, fill it with the same thread, sew up the top and one edge of the fabric. Here is a cap sewn, but now you need to make ears and a muzzle on it.
     Knitted baby cap Kotik
    With a needle we pass a dark gray thread, such so that it differs in color from the entire background of the cap. And now, we sew every corner of the cap obliquely so that the cat's ears come out.
     Knitted baby hat Kotik
    Ears are sewn on, we will continue to sew a muzzle .
     embroider ukha
    First we mark the middle of the cap and put a dot there with chalk - this will be the cat's nose. Further at the same distance from the nose we make points for eyes.
     embroider the eye
    With the same dark gray thread we embroider the eyes and nose of a cat. We embroider a cross with an eye and a spout, as shown in the photo.You can immediately connect the eyes, nose and mouth in the process of all the binding - tie the thread, count the loops, then get mixed up in these threads. I thought it was longer and therefore already on the finished hat I embroidered a muzzle with a cross. Now we embroider the mustache of the same thread with the same thread. Then we take a burgundy thread and also sew a mouth from our cat on the picture.
     sew the mouth
    So slowly and tied a wonderful hat for the baby. Knitted baby hat Kotik

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