• Knitting crochet baby booties

    Greetings to you, dear needlewomen! Shoe, like clothing does not happen much. But how to be little fashionistas and fashionistas who still do not know how to walk? In no case do not despair and do not make a tantrum, because for these purposes, booties were invented long ago, which differ from each other in form and material. It seems to me that any mommy has come across such a type of children's shoes. Today I suggest you make warm booties on cords for your crumbs or as a gift. Size of offered booties: 11 cm along the sole.knitting pattern for pigs
    As a result, it should turn out as in the picture.
     elm s children's bootees hook
    3) In the middle of the heels threaded thread and knit 3 rows with sc polustolbikami. Notice that the first row fits behind the top half loop, thus forming a dividing line between the sole and the wall of the booties.
     knitting children's pinets with a crochet
    On the fourth row from the middle of the pins, you need to cut 10 loops through 1 loop.
    crochet baby booties 4) On the fifth row we perform connections e tongue, for this purpose, conditionally choose the center of the toe and secure with a needle. We make a loop of the tongue and the loop of the wall together (from the center of the sole). knitting children's pinets with a crochet
    knit crochet baby booties
    knitting crochet baby booties
    knit crochet baby booties
    5) We proceed to the formation of the back wall, for this we continue the row remaining after the tongue is connected.When we get to the junction, we knit 1 loop, as shown in the picture.
     knit crochet baby booties

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